Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thankful, Thoughtful Thursday

Oh where to begin...
This thankful Thursday, I have a mix of thoughts and feelings, so the title aptly describes my present mood - I am thankful, but I am also thoughtful and a bit reminiscent this week.

In honor of Mother's Day, I celebrate my own mother. A woman of true grace and dignity, she has taught me so many things,not just in her words, but in the example she sets to others around her. In all the years of being her daughter, I have never heard her complain. There were certainly times she could have and yet, she has always accepted what the Lord has placed in her path. She left a prestigious position with a financial organization to raise my brother and I. I am certain there were days when she would have loved to put on her suit and go back, but her priority was at home and she never faltered in her loyalty to us. We have done well because of this. She is a Godly wife and mother, taking seriously her responsibilites and all the joys that accompany those roles. She quietly works in the background of any situation, but make no mistake, she is bright beyond measure and uses every gift she has been blessed with to benefit others. I am grateful to have been raised by a woman whom I would choose to know even if she were not my mother.

I am thankful for the gift of being a mother. My heart's greatest desire has always been to mother children and I thank God, He chose me to mother these incredible little people, our daughters. That gratitude also extends to the three children I was not blessed to know. Emily's twin and two still born siblings are forever in my heart and ever present in my mind. Someone commented to me that Hannah makes that all better, and while the joy of her and the love we share is magnificent, it is an entity all it's own, just like our love for Emily. Their presence in our lives does not diminish the reality of others who went home before us. It was never the "job" of Emily or Hannah to heal our hurts. Rather, they add depth, width, breadth that I never imagined was possible and I am grateful to God everyday for each of them and for the gift of being their "Mommy".

I am thankful for Diana and Lisa, who both have incredible milestones to celebrate this week. Diana has her one year anniversary of being united with Ruby Mei and Lisa's sweet daughter Lindy turns three today. Congratulations to both these precious families. We love you.

On a prayerful note, the little boy I work with, Ray, has had surgery today. Ray is a little boy affected by Autism. I could get up on my pedestal and write a lengthy dissertation about Autism and the impact of this disease on our culture, I will spare you my histrionics and statistics. I will say that I pray Ray will be okay. Communicating with him is difficult and I am uncertain the degree to which he will understand what has happened and how he is feeling. He had a cyst in his abdominal cavity and apparently it was hurting his entire belly. I pray for his family and quite frankly, for all families dealing with pervasive developmental disorders. Until we have walked a mile in thier shoes, we may never truly understand. I am grateful my daughters are not affected by this spectrum of disorders. Families often offer that I should go home and hug my children and delight in their normalcy - for those of you who read this, trust me, I do.

I am thankful for opportunities to discuss the joy and promise of adoption. I am thankful the Lord gives me words and calms my spirit when this subject comes up. I love to discuss our family and our history, recognizing that certain items are personal, off limits and not to be discussed ever. I am thankful for the mommy in line in front of me at the GAP, who said she always thought of doing "that" pointing at Hannah. If I had gone ahead based purely on my perception of what she was trying to articulate, I may have missed a great moment to share and a wonderful opportunity to help her understand how words can wound. We talked for a long time and even the staff ended up in the conversation. She waited in the parking lot and approached me when I had finished shopping letting me know I had "made her day, changed her heart and given her information she never knew or would have considered before our discussion."

I am thankful to be an aunt. Emily and I are headed to Band night at the high school to see my nieces and nephew perform. This will be the last concert I see with my nephew as a high school student. Congratulations Andrew, you are a leader among your peers and the apple of my eye. I pray God richly blesses your life as you begin your college years in several weeks. Andrew has chosen University of Maryland and I am thrilled to see his successes, not to mention heartbroken to see him leave.

Next week marks Emily's sixth birthday, there are no words to express how thankful I am for this child. She is a doting big sister, a bright ray of sunshine and in many ways wise beyond her years. Her compassionate heart overwhelms me. Though I know it is all going entirely too fast, I am also thankful Hannah is little and look forward to the stages she is about to embark on:) Emily said to me this morning, "Mom, are you sad I am not your baby anymore?" Gee, Em, you will always be my baby; someday, she will understand that, as I now understand my mother in many, many ways.


DiJo said...

Ok - I just read Kim's, Lisa's post and your post in the last 15 minutes. I need a box of kleenex to mop up my tears at the moment. Heather, it is mother's like you that inspire me to be more, to do more, and to love better! What a blessing you are. My BSF teacher shared this statement last week when we were studying Matthew... "God gives us gifts in our suffering. He calls us to share these "jewels" with others!" Thank you for sharing your jewels!

mommy24treasures said...

Dear Heather
I once again am just in awe of your beautiful gift to write and express yourself so magnificently.
This post is so beautiful.
I will keep Ray in my prayers this week.
Have a lovely Mother's Day

prechrswife said...

What an amazing post! You really have a wonderful way of expressing yourself. :-) Happy Mother's Day to you!

Denise C said...

Heather, my sweet friend, you have the most beautiful of hearts! You are so articulate with your words...and write solely from your precious soul! I cannot express adequately how very blessed I am each time I visit you!

I wish your sweet Em a very Happy b-day and I wish you the most extraordinary Mother's Day on Sunday! You are such a beautiful example of what a mommy is...and your love for your babies is so evident in all that you do and say.....and write!

Love and hugs to you my sweet friend!!!

Leslie said...

Heather, you are the most grounded person that I "know". I love that about you, wish I had more of that. You are so intelligent and compassionate, your daughters are blessed to have you as their mother. Enjoy this weekend, you have a beautiful family!

Lori said...

I love your thankful and thoughtful post~ your "calm spirit" and compassion completely inspire me.
Happy Mother's Day friend and Happy Birthday to sweet Em! :)

Jodee Leader said...

Heather -- I love your Thankful Thursday post!

I hope you have a fun and relaxing Mother's Day with your adorable daughters!

Kate said...

Thoughtful and thought provoking too! I can say without even meeting her that your mother must be an exemplary person...for she raised such a wise, giving spirit in you.

I can tell you have such a concern and heart for those afflicted ad touched by autism. I will pray for your student and for all of you who work so hard to help him understand what is happening to him...that must be so hard.

Have a wonderful, restful Mother's Day with your little beauties!!

Kelley said...

Wonderful post...I always love reading what you have to say!

Have a fantastic Mother's Day!

redmaryjanes said...

Happy Mothers Day. I want to thank you for the card that you sent. It means so much to me that you took the time to send it. My Grandmother did very well with the first chemo treatment and never became sick at all. We are so grateful, all of the praying is working.
Thank you again for caring about your family. You are a very special person.

Angie said...

I feel like I always say the same things about your posts. But again what a beautiful, heartfelt post. Your girls are absolutely precious and I know you are so proud.
I hope you have had an amazing day with your family.

Happy Mother's Day, friend!

sheryl said...


You are such an amazing, inspiring mother and friend. Oh how I would love to just sit and talk with you! I will pray that Ray is feeling better. I am know what it feels like to parent a child with a PDD diagnosis. My heart goes out to his parents. How fortunate for him to have a friend like you in his life.

I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your sweet Emily & Hannah. And I hope Emily has a spectacular birthday week!


Rachel said...

Beautiful post Heather, you certainly have a way with words...I'll be keeping Ray in my prayers. As a former teacher, I have worked with many autistic children and know the joy they can bring to your life. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your precious girls!

nathalie said...

your little ones are precious!!! what blessings!

Kimber said...


This is so beautiful. You have such a way of expressing your heart. It is as though I am sitting at your kitchen table having a cup of tea and listening to you talk from your soul.

Thank you so much for the card today! It made my day! The little ladybugs having tea on the front made me think of how I wish you and I could meet for coffee or tea and just visit until we ran out of words (would that ever happen?)

Happy belated Mother's Day.


cheersaltiel said...

Hi Heather !
Thank you so much for sharing your blog . It is so beautiful !!! You express yourself so tenderly that it bring tears to my eyes. I feel blessed to be able to read and share your blog. Blessings ! Cindie
daughter Scarlett Isabelle from Guizhou, China Forever family 9-13-06

cheersaltiel said...

Hi Heather !
Thank you so much for sharing your blog . It is so beautiful !!! You express yourself so tenderly that it bring tears to my eyes. I feel blessed to be able to read and share your blog. Blessings ! Cindie
daughter Scarlett Isabelle from Guizhou, China Forever family 9-13-06

Denise C said...

Dear sweet Heather,
Thank you so much for the card you blessed me with today! So beautiful...your words are so touching and your thoughtfulness is amazing! You are one very special friend....and sister in Christ! I am so very blessed by you!
Thank you so much!!!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


I marvel how God has blessed you with such a gift of words and such a sweet, sweet spirit. It is through your gifts that I am so immensely blessed. Clearly, I am not alone. You are touching lives near and far in such a wonderful way.

Thank you for sharing what is on your heart and mind.

Praying for Ray and I am SO thankful for your mom because she produced YOU!!!

Love always,

DiJo said...

I just saw your post... Well, you can tell Emily that she is correct! That is Ainsley with the Hannah Montana dolls!!! I can't believe she recognized her! :) My email is Will you drop me a note so I have yours. THANKS

Anonymous said...


What a lovely tribute to your own mom. I did not remember reading your beautiful emily was a twin...Oh this post has me hardly able to write...Your beautiful tender heart for God is always apparant in your writing and I am honored to call you one of my DTC , blog friends. you have a place in my heart. Ray is in my prayers.

Sheri said...

Oh, Heather! I have not been reading blogs lately but decided today to catch up with my friends in blogland. I am so thankful that I stopped by and read this post. You have such a gift of putting into words what is on your heart. You truly inspire me! Whenever I read your posts, I'm challenged to be a better mommy, better prayer warrior, better person..... Thank you for being you and for being such a great mommy to your precious girls.


heather, that was so sweet and honest ... your mom sounds amazing and what a legacy she is leaving w/ you ... your daughters are beautiful and how important it is to be able to share w/others and educate many at the same time ...

love your heart !!!!


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