Monday, May 19, 2008

Getting Caught Up!

As I had previously mentioned May presents with a calendar conundrum of fun events. I know it is not over yet, but I like to preserve some of the more memorable items here, since I am a scrapbooking failure. I look at the big box of scrap stuff and become instantly intimidated by the mess I will make if I begin pages and then force myself to complete them. All the while, we know the laundry is glaring at me, the vacuum heartbroken at my disloyalty and the kitchen, well, it is often saddened by my trigger finger for take-out:) Sooo, since beginning this blog, the memories land here. At some point, I will become better versed at making it look like a true scrapbook; for now, I do my best.


We enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day. Rob and the girls made breakfast -- it was supposed to be pancakes, a measurement faux pax created crepes, either way, it was perfect. They brought gifts to the table and I was so humbled and graced by the tenderness of what they selected for me this year.

Rob is working relatively close to the agency we used to bring our Hannah home. If any of you have ever read anything about Pearl Buck, then you know she was an ambassador in many ways. I do not perch her on a pedestal for her life choices that changed children's lives, but I applaud her courage, artistry and compassion that provided her own family a lovely upbringing (I believe she adopted 13 Asian children during the course of her life) as well as a legacy that has brought so many children home to their forever families. She brought positive attention and education to international adoption and made it her life's goal to ensure adoption practices with integrity and stability. I had the unique opportunity to meet one of her daughters and hear her amazing story at a Christian Women's breakfast two years ago. It brought new light to the agency I already loved simply because they would help us bring home our baby girl.

The agency has "minted" a limited number of decorative tiles, beautifully handcrafted at a local tileworks museum. Rob, in all his contracting glory was taken with these tiles when we first saw them, but I was drawn to one. This is what was wrapped so beautifully Mother's Day morning...

Emily's teachers helped their students prepare beautiful gifts for all the mommies. I have always been blessed, in that every teacher Emily has had, has valued the mother-child relationship and made a huge deal out of Mother's Day.

The previous day Emily and I attended the birthday party of her dear friend Gabrielle. I have often gushed about Em's school and I feel every ounce of that, but one of the perks is the great friendships we all have made there. Thank you Gabrielle for including us in your special day - we had so much fun.

Since Gabrielle's party was flip-flop themed, I had painted Em's finger and toenails. On Mother's Day when I asked Emily if she'd like to go to have her nails painted with me, she politely declined and said (drum roll............) I want to get my ears pierced. Huh? She has been hinting around and now, her little sister wants "eeeeernns, just yike Mimi".


Enjoying the post piercing pretzel!

And it would not have been complete without the post-piercing penny pitch:) I wonder what she wished??


For the first time, Hannah got to join us for our traditional day at the circus. Emily loves to do this for her birthday and we surprised her last week and instead of driving to school, we drove to the big top. Both girls were thrilled and their favorite event was by far the "effafants" (according to Hannah):)

By this time Hannah had pulled out her bow and Emily's bow, kicked off her shoes, eaten half a pretzel and clapped her heart out (and we weren't even to intermission yet:)

Emily even noted a ladybug siting

Having piled a lot into this post, I will go away now. I have some favorite pictures I will post in the next week. A big thank you to all of our bloggy friends who have sent well wishes for our birthdays - I hate to celebrate them now;) But, it was so sweet to receive so many kind comments. Blessings...


prechrswife said...

Wow, you have been busy! It looks like "good busy," though. :-) Love that tile--that is amazing!


missy said...

You guys have been busy! That's the best way to be in my opinion. I loved your Mother's Day sweet! You have beautiful girls!

Kate said...

Almost too much fun for one family!!!! I LOVED the PSB tile...we have been there a few times for the International Festival (I think that is what it is called!)...I really need to learn more about her life!

The circus must have been such a nice surprise for Emily and looked like a fabulous time was had by all...and hey, snacks never hurt!!

Ear piercing...ouch!! I have such a phobia about getting Lia's done. She has started noticing earrings so I told her she could them done when she is 6!!! I can't stand the thought! I think I might have an "ishue" due to a bad experience when I worked in a jewelry store for a brief period of time...I think I need Harry at 3 Peanuts to work on it with me!!! :-)

Also, please tell Emily the rabbit was nowhere near the size of the llama, but much bigger than I thought he should be...maybe the size of a very large housecat...makes my heart palpitate just thinking about it...another ishue I guess....

Lovely post filled with lovely girls (all three of them!!)!


Sharon Sloan said...

We are so touched that you shared Gabrielle's birthday as a special part of your recent events. We are so humbled and blessed by your lovely Beals gals! :) Love you!

Leslie said...

Ok I am getting all caught up here! Wow you are filling your days with some great memories!
I love the circus! Emily's earrings are beautiful! Your birthday stories are so sweet! I had to laugh because I was due on Mother's Day too, but he came early! I remember watching the finale for friends. One name they, Ross and Rachel, had said for a boy was Dayton!
I love how you use big words like conundrum (sp), you are my smartest friend! hee hee! Happy belated birthday to you both!!!


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