Friday, May 16, 2008

Thankful Friday!!

I deferred Thankful Thursday this week. Six years ago today, Emily was born. I felt it was a blog-worthy occasion and quite honestly, she never tires of hearing the story, so she asked if I would tell about it. Before I share the details of that all-important day in our lives,I am thankful for

Emily's beautiful smile

her amazing spirit

her compassion and heart

that red hair!!

the unconditional love she has shown her sister (and everyone else, for that matter)

her laugh - Emily actually belly laughed by seven weeks old and she has continued finding the humor and joy in everything since

her love for Jesus and reckless abandon in singing His praises

for her whole little being, absolutely everything about, I am thankful for Emily.

It was a dark and stormy night - oh, wait, that's a whole other story:) Actually it was a beautiful, warm spring night. I was due on Mother's Day, but Emily waited until Wednesday to show us signs that she was ready to join the world. I was resting my eyes and ended up falling asleep watching the West Wing. I was awakened by the feeling that my water had broken. I jumped up, was rambling rather incoherently and then had Rob doing the same as we scrambled to make decisions about what came next. It was a scene from the keystone cops. A phone call to the doctor confimed we should get to the hospital. We spent an incredibly uncomfortable night in triage and were transferred to a room in the morning.

We waited, and waited, waited some more and then we waited. Dinnertime came and went, so they gave me medicine to progress things. Remarkably, it worked!

It was the season finale for Friends that evening and Rachel would be having her baby. Everyone in my room, including the doctor had their eyes firmly planted on the television set. While Rachel had pretend contractions, I was having the real ones!! Emma on Friends was born at 8:48 PM, just three short minutes later, at 8:51, Emily Grace made her first appearance and her first sounds. I can still remember feeling no pain at all, just sheer joy and complete awe. (We have often wondered if they held me back a few minutes trying to see most of Friends:)

God heard my heart, my pleas, he answered in a little red headed baby. Certain that I had been carrying a boy, I was overjoyed when Rob screamed, "It's a GIRL!". This little girl has warmed our hearts ever since, perhaps, it is a bit cliche, but she is truly the very light of our lives and it is a priviledge and a blessing to be her mommy. Two days later, on my birthday, I left the hospital with the finest birthday gift a woman could ever wish for. I celebrate that special gift from God every single day of my life. I love you, Em!


mommy24treasures said...

how precious. Em is truly a gift!
I put the lyrics to that very song on Jacob's bithday post a yr ago! LOVE IT!

Denise C said...

Oh what a sweet post about your beautiful Em!!! The picture of the two of you is beautiful...and her 1st b-day pic is so precious!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU sweet Emily!!! early Happy Birthday day to you sweet Heather!!! Oh what a wonderful month May is for your family!!!
Love and Hugs to you!!!

prechrswife said...

What a neat story! (Gotta love the whole "Friends" thing--that is priceless...) Happy birthday, Emily!

mommy24treasures said...

big happy birthday to you to Ms HEather!;) A little birdie told me! Hope your day is blessed and wonderful!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


I loved hearing the details of Em's entrance into this world. I know she is such a joy to you and Rob and the people she comes in contact with. She is a beauty and that smile could wipe away mounds of sadness.

I am so happy you came from out behind of the camera and posted the great picture of you two together. It is beautiful!!!

I love you both and wish Em many more happy birthdays.


Kate said...

Well Happy Birthday Weekend to Emily and her mom!!! You must have so much fun having birthdays so close!! That was a very funny story about ironic that all must have been. I LOVE that picture of Emily with the big bow...oh my word that is darling!!!

Finally, what a beautiufl picture of the two of you...lovely!

Happy day to you both!!


Kimber said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Emily. You have such a radiant and joyful personality that draws others to you. I loved getting to know you a few weeks ago. I hope your day was very special. I think I know where this picture is...Gberry? We have been there for b-day parties!

Love the birth story!

AND Happy birthday to YOU, Heather!


Kimber said...

I tagged you today too!

Denise C said...

Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Birthday filled with so many blessings...that you have just smiled all day!
Hugs to you my sweet sweet friend!
Love you!

redmaryjanes said...

I saw on Lisa's blog that it's your birthday...Happy Birthday~

Cyndi said...

What a wonderful gift!!!!
Thanks for sharing that story with us. Hope you have had a happy birthday!!!!

Yoli said...

What a beautiful little girl she is, Happy Birthday!!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

What precious gifts from the Lord our children are...
Beautiful pic of mother and daughter...
Happy Birthday Heather... I hope you had a day filled with love, laughter and joy.... you are oh, so deserving.

Jewels of My Heart said...

oh, and a Belated.... Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful Em with the smile that outshines the sun!

Kelley said...

I always love reading your blog...your love for your girls just shines right through each and every post!

I hope that your birthday was wonderful!!

kerri said...

Happy birthday to Emily, what a wonderful post.
I love her first birthday photo. ;)

jennifer said...

What a sweet story. I was watching Friends that night too!

Happy Birthday Emily!

MacMui Mom said...

Happy birthday to Emily and her mom!!! I hope both of you had fun celebrations!!! I wish you all of the very best in the year ahead. May joy, laughter and love continue to find its way into your hearts and lives.

Love, Lisa R and Mia

Blogs by Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!! I hope Em had the happiest birthday. She is such an incredible girl! You know how sweet I think she is.




PS you can watch housewives on and I HIGHLY recommend that you watch as much as you can. At the very least, watch the last 5-10 min.

Jenn said...

What a sweet post about Emily! You are blessed. :o)

Happy belated birthday to you and to Emily!


Angie said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Emily!!!

I hope you had a great time celebrating your special day! Tell your mom I said, "Happy Birthday!" to her as well! ;)

I love the first birthday pic...too cute!

Anonymous said...


I love that photo at the bottom or should I say that bottom photo :)! Your Emily sounds lovely just like her mommy! Happy birthday to you and your Em!

DiJo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY, AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!!!!!!!! We hope you have an amazing year filled with God's blessings!

Diana, Ainsley & Ruby Mei

Ashley Winters said...

What a beautiful post.


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