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My name is Heather and I am wife to Rob and mommy to two beautiful little girls. We began our blog four years ago to document the beautiful memories of our adoption. Blogging became a great joy and though our family has all of it's members (for now ;) I continue to post here.

Personally, I love praise and worship music, Lady Antebellum and sappy love stories. I am hooked on Lifetime and Little House on the Prairie. Chances are I would have completely fit into another era, like the 1950's, but I channel my poodle skirt and deep respect for saddle shoes and high ponytails to this day and age :) Being a mother was and is the greatest desire of my heart. I am crazy about our kids! I like to have crafts for playdates and love when people share good news. I don't exercise enough, but always have good intentions. I love to iron (I know, crazy!)and I love to cook when I have the time and the motivation.

I go through phases when I am completely addicted to my camera. Our children are wonderful subjects for the lens, but I also like learning the art of photography. I enjoy nature shots and pictures of busy places. I would go to the movies every single day if I could and love movie trivia.

I am thankful for good friends. I have the best girlfriends in the world. I don't miss high school. I don't do drama. I do love school and am crazy happy when I am learning. I would love to go on to receive a Doctorate in education or psychology.

Professionally, I am training to be an elementary school counselor. I currently work in a private Christian school as an advocate in Student Support. I have a great love for children affected by Autism and for young people who learn differently. God blessed me with a dream assignment, when I was asked to be the enrichment teacher for our amazing school. I love working in an environment where it is okay to pray and I adore our staff. They are family.

My husband is a contractor, so there is always an interesting unfinished project lurking within our four walls. He is a gifted visionary, seeing grand plans where none exist and creating options in homes that look "optionless". He has skills I could not even dream about. He built our home in 82 weekends. Sometimes, we call it "The House that Rob built". Most days, it is simply, "our home".

I love Jesus and am happy to pray for you. Feel free to leave prayer requests...God has equipped me to spend quiet time everyday in prayer for others. I LOVE to write and envision someday contributing to a magazine or book. I have always dreamed of writing a children's book and have begun several. I spent many years as a cheerleader and still feel it is completely fulfilling cheering on the people I love. I think encouragement is never overrated!

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