Thursday, July 18, 2013


"And you will be brought before governors and kings, for My sake, as a witness to bear testimony before them and to the nations.  Do not be anxious about how or what you are to speak; for what you are to say will be given to you in that very hour and moment.  Take no thought of how you will speak, the Spirit of your Father speaketh through you."  Matthew 10:18-20 AMP

I do not fare well with change.
I know it needs to happen and I know my heart REQUIRES change for me to grow closer to Jesus and live more in His likeness and less in my flesh.

But, simply put, I don't like it.

And I like it even less when there is silence in the midst of change. Ugh!

Last year, I was blessed when the Lord reached down and offered me an opportunity to attend the She Speaks conference.  Eager, anxious and filled with trepidation, I embarked on a completely new, completely vulnerable experience; one that required my heart to be pliable, and my ears to be completely open to what He would speak to me.  Assuming I would come home with notebooks filled with practical writing strategies and much needed motivation, I was surprised when my "take-away" had very little to do with writing and everything to do with relationship. I did come home with practical strategies, but I also arrived home with a revised heart and a new perspective on accepting His will in every circumstance.

So, I prayed fervently, quietly, passionately about my relationship with the Lord and what he expected of me.  I also prayed about what He wanted me to write. And THAT is when it happened.

The silence.

That deafening sound you hear in your spirit when the Lord is quiet.

Reminiscent of  a starry night of summer, fireflies darting about, the sweet smell of cut grass and chlorine, you stand in the yard breathing in the hot air while crickets chirp about.  Aside from the critters that lurk, the world is silent.

Transitions.  I knew my original blog Our Little Ladybugs was ready to be retired.  After all, the ladybugs are not so little anymore.  (sniffle)  And I felt God calling me to a different type of written expression.  While I am still highly passionate about adoption and issues related to adoption, my wings are being stretched and the broader topics of motherhood, marriage, friendship and education jumped to the forefront of my thoughts. Additionally, our littlest ladybug is growing quite nicely and there are pieces to her story that are hers, not mine to share, so I respect that and accept that the Lord convicted my heart to move forward.

Thus, Beals on Wheels was born.  The first time I decided to post, I sat for almost two hours blankly staring at the computer screen with only one word floating aimlessly before me, dull.  D-U-L-L
A harsh reality became evident, I have nothing to share.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Noth-ing!

Lord, tell me...give me SOMETHING! And strangely, he remained silent. My lonely little blog sat, unattended and certainly unwritten upon.

Until now.  I have read the book of Matthew before, several times.  But lo and behold, during my quiet time, the words leapt off the page and assured me I would never have anything to write about, but the Lord would allow His words to flow through me.

So, as I ready for my second She Speaks Conference, I rejoice in this special word He gave me reminding me, ever so gently, as He always does, that He will guide my typing hands or speaking mouth to speak through me, if I allow Him to.

Is there a special word He has for YOU today?  Have you spent some time with Him to find out?  I encourage you to open His Word and enjoy that sweet time of fellowship.

Be encouraged,



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