Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Autumn Adventures

As October fades into November, I am amazed at the speed with which time is travelling! With unseasonally warm weather, my body and mind are still lost in the sunshiny moments of summer, however, reality will tell me that time is marching on.

Happy Halloween to all who mark this date with one form of celebration or another. When I arrived to pick up Emily from school, I could immediately see in her eyes that something was not right. She slinked over to me, and though she assured me she was fine...a thermometer would tell a different tale! With a 102' fever and general malaise, Emily would sit this one out. She and I stayed home and handed out candy, which she informs me was "just as fun".

Miss Hannah was a bit of a social butterfly soaking in her first Halloween with joy and a bit of an attitude:) Our littlest ladybug strutted herself around in her costume, patting her chest and telling anyone who would listen, "Bug". She bounced her antennas and shook her little body so that her wings would sway on her back. She visited relatives and took along Emily's treat bag, arriving home with plenty for her sister. Once inside, she proudly rifled through her "Boo bag" and then proclaimed,"MORE!"

We dreamed of the day when two little girls would share the glory of holidays and festivities and our dream has come true. Thanks to both our little ladybugs for being great sports and amazing little people, our lives are so completely blessed with you brightening everyday.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nemo Strikes Again!

I have posted before about the obsession in our home with a certain clown fish. Well, Pop and I surprised Emily this week with a date to Nemo on Ice. Fortunately, Pop is feeling better and a grand time was had by all. My dad enjoyed spoiling us and we thoroughly enjoyed being on his arm for the evening.

Where are we going Mom???

Yippee,I'll sit with Pop

Someday My Prince will Come...

Emily surprised us all by asking for dance lessons this year. She loves dance class and gets to see a few old friends while making new ones. This past week, her class dressed up and her teachers taught the girls how to stand like ladies and model their costumes with style and grace. The moms were invited in to take pictures which is a big deal. They usually dance behind closed doors to ensure their teacher has their full attention. The girls wore their leotards under their costumes and had a regular class after the festivities.

(My camera was dropped on our pumpkin outing last week and has not been the same since - I know some of my settings were lost and so I am still trying to reset it to shoot better quality pictures, always an adventure...)

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes...

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

Emily and a sweet friend from pre-school

While Emily was breaking in her glass slippers, Hannah was all smiles

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I remember...

My dear, dear friend at Not So Long Ago chose me to do a post on "I remember...", so here goes:

I remember playing Barbies for hours, dressing them, undressing them, marrying them off, you remember, right? I had them all and they lived in the dream house, rode in the corvette and camped in the Big ol' Barbie Motorhome (it was pink!)

I remember my very cool banana seat Huffy electric blue bike that probably logged more mileage than our "oh so comfy" minivan

I remember Air Supply

I remember sleep overs, dance recitals and cheerleading...funny, I don't really recall the games, but I recall with vivid clarity which boys played on the team!

I remember dating the captain of the basketball team and the first time he told me he loved me

I remember the night two years later that he broke my heart to date the leggy blond two blocks down (it lasted about a month, hee hee)

I remember church picnics and old fashioned hymn sings

I remember the movie Ice Castles and the theme song that made my dad and I cry

I remember the school choir singing that song and when I leapt out of my seat so I wouldn't cry in front of anyone, I found my dad waiting in the hall for me, he figured I might need a hug

I remember realizing that night that my father is a hero

I remember Shirley Temple movies on Sunday afternoon and big sit-down dinners

I remember Aunt Bobbie's Chicken Rolli

I remember laughing with my cousins til my sides ached

I remember the way my Pop Pop would squeeze my face when he would kiss me and his wonderful Popeye laugh

I remember the glow of white lights in every window of our home and the anticipation of Santa

I remember all the teachers who encouraged me and blessed my life

I remember the first time I drove a vehicle, my brother took me and let me drive his classic truck in the middle school parking lot

I remember patience (may it rest in peace)

I remember my skinny jeans (resting peacefully with the patience, I think)

I remember my dad travelling a lot and my mom and I have girl's night every week

I remember leg warmers, big hair (permed and teased) and dances at the roller rink

I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, to which I always answered, "a Mom" and maybe a doctor too:)

I remember a simpler time, when we had less, loved more and time didn't fly by nearly so fast!

I challenge Lisa, Danielle and Lori to remember some special things...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Okay, so a day late and a dollar short, that is the saying right? I know, I know, I missed it, but it doesn't mean I am not thankful, so here goes a few for this week...

- My dad seems to be doing better, although we are unsure if the infection has been conquered, we keep praying and hoping for the best

- Emily's school - I know it sounds redundant, but these teachers are extraordinary people, I am so thankful for the love and care they show the children they teach. This week was filled with some superb moments for Emily in the classroom.

- My mom - she is an amazing wife, mother and grandmother, and I am thankful for her example

- The family I work with - without divulging too much information, they deal with really difficult situations on a daily basis and I am thankful for their sense of humor and the place they hold in our life

- Hannah's beautiful smile and the fact that she is using it so much more now!

- Cranberry Oatmeal cookies, soooo yummy

- Trini and Jenn - can't wait to see you two - I have missed you!! I am thankful for friendships that stand the test of time, do you two realize we have been friends for nine years now??? In addition to friendship, I have learned so much from you

"So much has been given to me. I have not time to ponder that which has been denied." ~ Helen Keller

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just Little Snippets

Emily comes home from school the other day and advises me she has learned a new word. Hmmm, supercalifragilistic? Gargantuan? Obtuse? Those are some good words...

Not thinking, I, of course, ask, "Which one?" To which she replies, "You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses it's flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. You are the light of the world." Matthew 5:13-14 (There is more and she is learning the rest of this particular scripture) And then she hits me with this, "Mommy, I am proud of you. You never hide your light. You are the salt of the earth, Mom and I want to be that too." (insert small sniveling sound as I gain to compose myself) Oh Em, you already are the salt of the earth, you truly are!

Our once quiet, serious Hannah emerges more and more from her shell and thrives on knowing everything! She has gone from 0-60 into the "MINE" stage (where on earth do they learn this?) and I am certain the "NO" stage is not far behind:) As the weather gets colder, I began introducing Hannah's pretty hat and mittens because I know she has never necessarily had these two items in her wardrobe. Well, now every night she comes to us and begs for her hat and mittens, wears them for hours! What happens when it is windy and she needs them? Out the door and off they come, along with manaical laugh and that sweet, deep voice, "MINE!"

The picture is dark, but I wanted it captured (yes, that is a slide in our family room, the things I said I'd never do...)

On a serious note: Please say some prayers for my dear dad, he is struggling with an infection in his leg and we are hoping the medicine resolves the issue. I won't delve into details, but your prayers would be helpful right now. Thanks!
Have a wonderful week.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thankful Thursday

As I have navigated Blogland, I have come to discover that many dedicate Thursdays to counting their blessings. I figured I would join the fun and post some thanksgivings for today...

~ Emily and Hannah (need I say more?)

~ Our friends, Sam and Anne, who are leaving shortly to take a family trip to see the Mouse with their children and grandchildren, hoping they have a great time

~ Lisa, for countless personal reasons, but also because her little Lindy is feeling better and her dossier for daughter #2 has been sent :)

~ Danielle, for always knowing when to brighten my day

~ Gerri and Jim (Jim travelled to China to help receive Hannah) and their son, Jamie and his wife Christiana, who is expecting their first baby this winter, truly a blessing in every way

~ Rain, as sad as I am when I see it approaching, I recognize it is necessary and it brings with it, some cooler temperatures

~ My parents

What are you thankful for this day?

"If you can forgive the person you were, accept the person you are, and believe in the person you will become, you are headed for great joy. So, celebrate your life."
Barbara Johnson

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


"For this child, I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of Him." 1 Samuel 1:27 (Hannah's verse)

Hard to believe, to even imagine, that our precious Hannah Leigh has been home six full months. In some way, it feels like she has always been here and in reflecting, I suppose, she has. She grew in our hearts and stayed there until we could actually see her, physically be with her. Some days, I feel I am just a novice mommy to her, learning her mannerisms and drawing out all the beautiful things that she has to share.

I will, at some point, do a video of when Daddy received Hannah and the days that followed. For now, we will relive those moments in the stillness of photographs. Our original website that follows our journey is Our Voyage to Hannah Please feel free to visit.

She has changed so much, yet her little personality has been in tact all along. She is a fighter, a survivor. At the facility where she was cared for, she was coined "The Mayor" and I can see that about her. She is an old soul, with a deep, thinking spirit. Her sense of humor is fleeting, but wickedly funny and she takes everything in. Jim (our dear friend who accompanied dear ol' Dad to China) said to me on the phone that very first day, "She is taking it all in, surveying the situation. Oh, just you wait and see how she takes you in, you'll be wrapped up in her in a heartbeat." He was right... hook, line and sinker, the three of us fell in love with this beautiful girl.

We will always be grateful to her birth family (it is still very hard for me to contemplate them without tears). They made the ultimate sacrifice and we are eternally grateful. We will always be thankful to whomever matched us with this wonderful little person. How did they know? Ahhh, yes, that is where faith steps in. We know our steps and hers were numbered in just this sequence that we might be together.

We know that it comes with bumps and hiccups. At some point, there may be difficult questions and difficult issues that pass our narrow way, however, we feel prepared to deal with those, in love and in truth. We know that the Lord used that loooong wait to prepare our spirits and help us become informed so that when the unknown strikes, we can approach it with grace.

Our first glimpse of Hannah, referral photos February 1, 2007

Happy Homecoming

The Announcement!Big News!

Easter Day, April 2007 (home about 72 hours)
"A bunny and a basket, huh? Wait til you hear how I got here!"

Six Months later...October, 4, 2007

You have come a long way baby and boy, are we blessed!


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