Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thankful Thursday

As I have navigated Blogland, I have come to discover that many dedicate Thursdays to counting their blessings. I figured I would join the fun and post some thanksgivings for today...

~ Emily and Hannah (need I say more?)

~ Our friends, Sam and Anne, who are leaving shortly to take a family trip to see the Mouse with their children and grandchildren, hoping they have a great time

~ Lisa, for countless personal reasons, but also because her little Lindy is feeling better and her dossier for daughter #2 has been sent :)

~ Danielle, for always knowing when to brighten my day

~ Gerri and Jim (Jim travelled to China to help receive Hannah) and their son, Jamie and his wife Christiana, who is expecting their first baby this winter, truly a blessing in every way

~ Rain, as sad as I am when I see it approaching, I recognize it is necessary and it brings with it, some cooler temperatures

~ My parents

What are you thankful for this day?

"If you can forgive the person you were, accept the person you are, and believe in the person you will become, you are headed for great joy. So, celebrate your life."
Barbara Johnson


Christy said...

Lots to be thankful for. We all live such amazing lives and are so blessed.

Have a great Thankful THursday!!

Christy :)

prechrswife said...

What a sweet post, and a precious picture to go with it!

Angie said...

Great post! I have so much to be thankful for, as we all do, but I have to say my family....without them, where would I be?

mommy24treasures said...

Lovely things to be thankful for. I just love your daughter's beautiful red hair. Its so gorgeous!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


I love your post. I am so thankful God brought us together as friends. Isn't it amazing how He knows when and how people need each other?

So thankful for you, my friend.

Lots of love,

Leslie said...

Love your list, you are so well versed as usual! Love your picture of the girls, so sweet!

redmaryjanes said...

What gorgeous girls you have!! It sounds like you have much to be thankful for. : )

Danielle said...

Aww thanks so much Heather. I'm SO thankful for you, too. You my friend are also a keeper! I haven't just formed a special friendship with Kim...I definitely have one with you as well.

I hope we can talk this weekend. I should be around tomorrow preparing for Sunday. I tried calling the other day but no one picked up.

By the way, got your email late last night and was so so so tired. I will respond soon, but thanks so much for getting in touch with Ali. You're so sweet. I know she will really appreciate it.

So glad the girls are enjoying the stickers.



Danielle said...

I'm so out of it - I love the post by the way. Cute pic of the girls!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Your girls are so beautiful!
And so are you, your heart is apparent through your thankfulness.

I am thankful for so many things, meeting so many wonderful people in blog land is one of them!


Lori said...

Oh I love reading what people are thankful for!
Cute picture of the girls. :)
Thanks for the email.

Kimber said...

Lovely post Heather. You are blessed indeed.


Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the blog world :)!! And you :). Great picture of your lady bugs!

Amy said...

I love the pic! Your daughters are so cute. I'm thankful for finally having our child...we waited 10 years & are overjoyed.


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