Monday, June 30, 2008

Congratulations Andrew!

...But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40:31

On June 13, our nephew graduated from high school. How he ever got that old is beyond me. He has done very well and moves on this fall to University of Maryland. Oh, Andrew, how proud we are of you, our little Terrapin!

In the meantime, he will work this summer, vacation with his family and take a trip with his friends to Disney!

I know there are big things in store for Andrew. His tenacity and talents would permit nothing else. We love you, buddy and our hearts are overjoyed with each new success you find - you are and always have been a young man to be proud of.

Andrew and Jaclyn (his sweetie) just after graduating

Their beautiful family

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Field Day 2008

Emily's school does an end of year field day that was such fun, we are counting the days until next year! Thanks CCA for such a great year, Emily will never forget kindergarten, nor will we. It has been a blessing all year long:)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My name is Heather and I have been a Bad Blogger

It has been so long since I have posted, I am not sure I remember how:)

Last day of school - Hannah and I went to Chapel with Emily, it was so nice

The end of the school year activities coupled with a snafu in our family has made the past couple of weeks just a bit more hectic than anticipated.

Keep my sweet mother in your prayers. She fell last week (at our home no less)and broke her wrist. Friday, she was operated on and is doing well. They constructed her cast by hand (pure plaster) due to the pins and rods they placed among the breaks. She is still experiencing pain and her hand and arm are very swollen. It is awkward and hot, but you'd never hear her complain.

I promise to post pictures and dialogue from the past two weeks; which included Emily's last day of Kindergarten and a very unique birthday party that Emily chose this year and also included Miss Hannah's second birthday (see below). I still have pictures to upload:)

I haven't been as frequently visiting my blogger friends and I will get back to seeing you all soon. I haven't left bloggityville and don't plan to, but wanted you to know that I am missing you as I get caught up. Thanks to those who have so kindly inquired to where we have been, very sweet!

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's My Burpday!

Yes, that is really the way she said it:) She enjoyed every moment and hoped that there would be parties everyday, quite the letdown when she discovered, yes, the party does end. (but not before cake:)

Emily chose a princess bike for Hannah and gave it to her early (she just couldn't wait!)

Hannah caught in the act of stealing the marshmellows:) The night before her actual birthday, we roasted marshmellows and had family campfire...she spoke softly and carried a big stick!

All in all, two has been a blast! My camera is being a bit persnickety, so the pictures are not what I would like them to be, but they are what we have. I cannot believe how grown up Hannah is getting. She is talking in sentences now and can tell a full story. Emily understands every word. (I need her to translate at times:) Hannah has shown a great love for music and singing. She looks to play with Emily more now and it is really cute to hear their pretend play and the stories they come up with. Hannah had an important appointment with the opthamologist and Praise!, it went very well. They will both get check-ups during the summer. I have many more posts before we leave on vacation this weekend, feel free to check often to catch up.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Of Wishes and Things...

Last weekend marked the bigger ladybug's first dance recital. I danced all my life, competing and teaching. I truly loved every moment of it. I never expected my children to like what I like, though. I want them to choose their own path and find their gifts and use them as God intended.

This year Emily surprised me by choosing cheerleading and dance (my two all-time favorites) as her activities. She has loved both and has asked to do both next year also. She and her friends did beautifully at the recital. I think Em was the only one who had never been in a recital before. They danced to the "Wish Song" and all of those little girls danced and sang their hearts out. At the rehersal she ran backstage and breathlessly told me it was "way too short" and she could not wait to get back on that stage! My mother has been teaching her the songs to Annie since she was a year old...hmmm, maybe it will happen:)

Emily and her friend Emma

Hamming with the girlies just before rehearsal

Outside the theater after rehearsal (probably praying for the chocolate ice cream she wished for)

Just after dancing, proud of her wristlet!

My brother married into a wonderful family some twenty years ago and my sister-in-law's family is the same as my own, it is such a blessing. This is the ladybug's cousins' cousin, Laurel. Laurel danced a fabulous jazz number and came back stage to congratulate Emily on her first recital. So sweet. Emily was star-struck that a teenager would hang with her for a few:)

Did Hannah like the recital?? Yes, she did. She was thrilled to see her sister and bee-bopped along to the songs she knew. She was not in picture taking form at the theater but posed at home afterwards!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah Leigh!

June 2nd marks a very special occasion for our family:) On this day, somewhere in China, our sweet Hannah came into the world and somehow the Lord knew that she had a red-headed sister and a mommy and daddy that would adore her every move. There are days when the reality of her birthparents overwhelm me, but today I just rejoice in their sacrifice and say many, many thank yous for the blessing of our little ladybug.

One of Hannah's newest feats is the ability to completely dress and undress herself. Sounds utopic, but I must admit that five o' clock in the morning completely nekked, yes, nekked has it's drawbacks:) She sings songs now, her favorites are "You are My Sunshine" and "3 Little Crocodiles", but only with a finale of "I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, joy Down in My Heart".

Her dimples warm my heart and there is nothing better than when she takes me in with those big brown eyes. She loves to wrap herself around our necks and gaze into our eyes, proclaiming, "Pals, we are pals" She is kind, always commenting that babies and puppies are cute and running to the side of any child crying. She can be demanding and sometimes even bordering on bossy, but I admire her spirit and know that her feistiness will help prepare her for a world that is sometimes not so kind.

On Saturday, when Emily took the stage for her recital, Hannah leaped off of Rob's lap yelling, "MOM, Look!!" "MOM, you see? Mimi, up 'dere, see?" She clapped and smiled, she was proud. How happy we are that she desires to follow Emily's lead. They are children of God and have brought such joy into our hearts. I love watching them love one another.

Emily chose a little princess bike for her sister and could not wait, so they rode bikes together today. We roasted marshmellows and and made smores tonight. Hannah finds the beauty in each and every thing we do. (I will post pictures this week:)

Hannah is a Daddy's girl mixed with a Mama's girl and her impish grin always denotes she has been up to something sinister. She loves High School Musical 2 and can do a better Sharpay than Emily or her friends. She requires everyone put on a seat belt before the car moves. And when asked what she'd like for her birthday, her standard response is "cake". (which was followed quickly with "car") She is all girl, but certainly is not afraid to take on a challenge, wearing the best shoes, of course. She is all about the shoes!

We will celebrate quietly tomorrow and have a family party at home on Saturday. Hannah Leigh, we love you so very much. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Hannah's First Birthday

Let me in!!

Silly Girl

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