Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I remember...

My dear, dear friend at Not So Long Ago chose me to do a post on "I remember...", so here goes:

I remember playing Barbies for hours, dressing them, undressing them, marrying them off, you remember, right? I had them all and they lived in the dream house, rode in the corvette and camped in the Big ol' Barbie Motorhome (it was pink!)

I remember my very cool banana seat Huffy electric blue bike that probably logged more mileage than our "oh so comfy" minivan

I remember Air Supply

I remember sleep overs, dance recitals and cheerleading...funny, I don't really recall the games, but I recall with vivid clarity which boys played on the team!

I remember dating the captain of the basketball team and the first time he told me he loved me

I remember the night two years later that he broke my heart to date the leggy blond two blocks down (it lasted about a month, hee hee)

I remember church picnics and old fashioned hymn sings

I remember the movie Ice Castles and the theme song that made my dad and I cry

I remember the school choir singing that song and when I leapt out of my seat so I wouldn't cry in front of anyone, I found my dad waiting in the hall for me, he figured I might need a hug

I remember realizing that night that my father is a hero

I remember Shirley Temple movies on Sunday afternoon and big sit-down dinners

I remember Aunt Bobbie's Chicken Rolli

I remember laughing with my cousins til my sides ached

I remember the way my Pop Pop would squeeze my face when he would kiss me and his wonderful Popeye laugh

I remember the glow of white lights in every window of our home and the anticipation of Santa

I remember all the teachers who encouraged me and blessed my life

I remember the first time I drove a vehicle, my brother took me and let me drive his classic truck in the middle school parking lot

I remember patience (may it rest in peace)

I remember my skinny jeans (resting peacefully with the patience, I think)

I remember my dad travelling a lot and my mom and I have girl's night every week

I remember leg warmers, big hair (permed and teased) and dances at the roller rink

I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, to which I always answered, "a Mom" and maybe a doctor too:)

I remember a simpler time, when we had less, loved more and time didn't fly by nearly so fast!

I challenge Lisa, Danielle and Lori to remember some special things...


mommy24treasures said...

love your new look!
I did the I remember too... I haven't posted it yet its just a draft, but I dreaded it at first and the memories kept flowing.
Your memories are great. Thanks for sharing.

tmkpsu said...

Love the new layout! I have such fond memories of many of the things you remembered.

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Heather, Heather, Heather,

Will you still be friends with me even though my three blogs are so boring and ugly??? I really hope so!! :o)

Your blog looks beautiful. Danielle is amazing! Maybe one day I will hire her.

I also loved reading your special memories. You spoke as if they just happened yesterday. In fact all I hear in my brain right now is, "Memories light the corner of my mind. Misty water-colored memories..."

I will start remembering and post mine sometime soon.

Lots of love,

Lori said...

Oh Heather, I loved reading your special things!! It made me laugh on most of them and brought back memories for me! I was thrilled to get to the end and see you chose me, thanks.
You have some GREAT things to remember! :)

Sheri said...

Your new blog design is adorable! This post brought a big smile to my face. I have fond memories of some of the very same things. I actually just threw my Barbie motorhome away not too long ago - isn't that crazy?! Thanks for sharing this.

Leslie said...

Love your new look! I also remember so many things on your list. Unfortunately the skinny jeans and patience will proably never be back in style at my house!I also emailed you about getting your address, I have a little something to send your way. If you could email me with it I would appreciate it!:)

Danielle said...

I'll get to this when I can.

Thanks so much for putting a thank you in the sidebar! No one has done that before. You're so sweet.

I definitely prefer the two smiley photos of the girls.

Christy said...

Oh I remember so many of the same things you do!! It is so fun to remember these things. I enjoyed reading your list becuase it brought back so many of the fun memories I too have. Love the list!!

Christy :)

When We Were Young said...


You hit a bunch of my memories, Barbies, dances at the roller rink, Air Supply, church picnics, skinny jeans, patience (LOL)...
So glad you did this :).

Stefanie said...

Loved walking down memory lane with you! I remember many of the things you wrote about, I even had a Barbie Townhouse ;)
The new look is incredible! Your girls on the header is just darling! That Danielle never ceases to amaze me :)

Angie said...


I also love your new look!! Very pretty!

What wonderful memories you have! Thank you for sharing them. I remember so many of them myself and reading your list brought them back to my mind and made me smile! :)

Kimber said...

Oh Heather,
That was really lovely. Your Dad sounds amazing. I love the balance of sweet memory aand humor in this post. Just when I would get misty...you made me laugh!

Great memories!


Kimber said...

Oh...and I LOVE the new look. Danielle to the resue. She is GREAT!

Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

You had me laughing...I loved ice castles!

I had the Barbie pool and my sister had the camper...but my parents refused to buy us the dreamhouse...so we made ours with cardboard boxes, six big ones taped to make a 3 story house...we used remnanats of carpet and wallpaper from our house to decorate...it was actually pretty cool...thanks for making me remember some of those good ole days!


DiJo said...

I skated in the movie Ice Castles! (Long story!)
How funny is that?


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