Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just Little Snippets

Emily comes home from school the other day and advises me she has learned a new word. Hmmm, supercalifragilistic? Gargantuan? Obtuse? Those are some good words...

Not thinking, I, of course, ask, "Which one?" To which she replies, "You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses it's flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. You are the light of the world." Matthew 5:13-14 (There is more and she is learning the rest of this particular scripture) And then she hits me with this, "Mommy, I am proud of you. You never hide your light. You are the salt of the earth, Mom and I want to be that too." (insert small sniveling sound as I gain to compose myself) Oh Em, you already are the salt of the earth, you truly are!

Our once quiet, serious Hannah emerges more and more from her shell and thrives on knowing everything! She has gone from 0-60 into the "MINE" stage (where on earth do they learn this?) and I am certain the "NO" stage is not far behind:) As the weather gets colder, I began introducing Hannah's pretty hat and mittens because I know she has never necessarily had these two items in her wardrobe. Well, now every night she comes to us and begs for her hat and mittens, wears them for hours! What happens when it is windy and she needs them? Out the door and off they come, along with manaical laugh and that sweet, deep voice, "MINE!"

The picture is dark, but I wanted it captured (yes, that is a slide in our family room, the things I said I'd never do...)

On a serious note: Please say some prayers for my dear dad, he is struggling with an infection in his leg and we are hoping the medicine resolves the issue. I won't delve into details, but your prayers would be helpful right now. Thanks!
Have a wonderful week.


Beth said...

Your girls are amazing! I can't imagine anything sweeter than that little Emily. I bet you almost fell over! How awesome her school must be.

And...those mittens and hat. How adorable!

Thanks for sharing today. Prayers for your Dad? Consider it done. :)


mommy24treasures said...

oh is Emily a gem or what???
How precious. Her beauty is way deeper than that gorgeous red hair! An inner beauty radiating as well.
I will say a prayer for your dad.

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Keep telling those stories. I love them! Em is RIGHT you are so good at shining your light, Heather and she clearly has your sweet heart.

Hannah and Lindy sound like peas of a pod. Lindy is very into saying "that's mine" and "give it to me, that's mine" lately. Charming!

I got your email; it made my morning and I'll reply soon. I will pray for your dad. I know it is so worrisome whenever a parent is ill. I hope this infection will disappear soon and not spread.

Lots of love,

Christy said...

What an amazing thing to say. And also what a great school to be teaching her these things. Gotta love the things that come out of our kids mouths!!

The slide thing cracks me up. I too say I will never so certain things again (like I did with the boys-- like put a slide in my living room) but I am already totally doing it. I have toys everywhere. Oh well, happy kids!!

Chrsity :)

Angie said...

Emily is such a sweet child, I know you are so proud of her. Like you said on my blog, even though she is learning those verses at school, her spirit and kind heart comes from her parents.
OH how I remember the "MINE" stage! And this too shall pass, my friend and then you will be on to another wonderful stage! ;) I'm sure it is hard to be frustrated with her when she is so cute though!
Sending prayers up for your daddy...keep us posted.

sheryl said...

Oh that Emily just melts my heart! She is right though, you do shine your light wherever you go. What a beautiful example you have set for such beautiful children!

And Hannah!!! LOL How fun this stage is! I love that her exuberant little self is shining through.

I have been out of the loop lately with the bloggy world, but this post totally brightened my day. These are truly the moments that make being a mom the most incredible blessing ever!

I hope you dad is better soon too and it is nothing too serious.


sheryl said...
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DiJo said...

I am finally here checking in on you and your precious girls!!! You are right, Emily is wise beyond her precious years already. What a light she is and will continue to be with that kind of wisdom. Ainsley too is at a Christian school and it is such a blessing to our entire family! Your little Hannah reminds me of a combo of Lindy (Lisa's) and Ruby!
She is adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful girls here!

prechrswife said...

How absolutely precious!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I am gald you wrote that down. What a precious moment with your daughter! What a school! I thought a swear word was what she had learned at school...What a refreshing story!

Lori said...

Wow, that Miss Em is so deeply thoughtful and kind-hearted. What more could a Mom want than to hear those words?!
LOVE the slide in your FR!! I don't have a slide, but we have that same big workout ball, but it's not for workouts!! :)
That kind of stuff makes a house a home. :)
Will pray for your dad, he's on my list and in my thoughts and prayers.

Sheri said...

I will definitely keep your dad in my prayers.

The photo of Emily is absolutely adorable. What a wonderful little girl who is so obviously filled with God's love.

Aren't slides supposed to be in living rooms? Ours is, too, and I think it's the same one you have. ;)

martajacobs@aol.com said...


Mary sent the link-what a wonderful site you have! It is so fantastic to see you and your girls!

Our prayers for your Dad.



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