Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Little Things

I was casually walking through a favorite store when a plaque jumped off the shelf and accosted me in my tracks.  I have seen the plaque many times or at least seen the saying without pausing. Not once. Ever.

I am still not sure what made this day different, but it was.  It said,

Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

Simple, huh?  It is in theory, but in reality I had to stop and think about all the little things that have made our life such a happy one.  (read: happy, NOT perfect!)  Tea parties, singing in the car, funny faces, folding laundry together, devotionals, playing "Make Me Laugh", giggles, tears, lunch with my mom, dancing in the!  Little things...I thought about our little things, two precious gifts entrusted to our care; loaned because God knew we'd care for them with His guidance.  Our bigger little thing, already ten years old. 

I closed my eyes, breathing in the moment and tried desperately to remember every tea party, which animal sat in which seat and did we have lemonade or grape juice for our tea?  Hot chocolate? When was the last time I did that with our smaller little thing?

I thought about my mom.  When my dad would travel, she and I would get hoagies, watch horror films and turn them off ten minutes into the movie, exchanging for a great romance or drama. We'd go shopping and have lunch together...I was her little thing and here I am all grown up.  Her words pierced me, "Enjoy this goes so fast."  I can honestly say my mom was one who enjoyed the little things. She still does. 

So, the other day when sweet little Hannah ran up the steps and "found me" folding laundry in the bedroom, she issued a plea.  A square box cradled in the nook of her arm, she opened those big brown eyes and quietly asked me to play a game.

It's the little things...the wash will wait.  Hannah won't.  She will never be that day of six again.Never.

So, we played...I pray it remains in my memory bank tucked away with all of the little things that I am SURE are really the BIG THINGS!


Kate said...

Such wise words with deep meaning. Thanks for sharing this...I needed to hear and heed...on these busy days...the little things ARE indeed going to be the big things one day.

(and also...I will watch out for plaques that jump out at you in stores...who knew???)

Amy Ward said...

This is such a great reminder! My little men are now grown men and I often reminisce about the special moments we shared as they grew. Just last night our oldest returned to the nest for a visit and I had the opportunity to just sit still and catch up with him. It was a blessing. I am so thankful he wants to come and visit.

Michelle R Photography said...

So true, indeed!! And advice I need to take more often. It sounds like you had an excellent role model, as your girls do in you. My mom always says the same thing... "Enjoy this. It goes by so fast." The stages of childhood pass in the blink of an eye. And it's the little things the girls appreciate so much, like getting in the pool with them instead of just putting my feet in. Something so simple, yet such a difference it makes in their eyes.


Teresa said...

I totally agree it IS the little things that are so important and really make up the times of our lives!!! Enjoy your sweet little ones!!

Sharon Sloan said...

Heather ~ You are a good momma! And both of your Beautiful Bugs know it!!! Bless you for stopping and playing...those moments invested in Hannah's heart will bring huge dividends. :)



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