Thursday, May 29, 2008

Something about Mary

"A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure."
- Sirach 6:14

This is Mary and Ivan. I have been friends with Mary for eighteen years. She is a sister in Christ, a loyal and dear friend, a trusted confidant; she is infectious with enthusiasm and beyond creative with her amazing brain. And her heart...Mary has a heart for people, all people and she lives every single day finding ways to serve others. She inspires me and so many around her. I love Mary.

Mary and her sister Susan

Mary and I have shared joys and sorrows, fears and faith. She has been there for every single major life event over these eighteen years and I can't ever imagine my life without her. She is the truest form of friend imaginable and I am grateful for the role she plays in my life.

This weekend was a reunion of sorts, as we celebrated the marriage of Mary's son, Jeff to his sweetheart, Ashley. Mary, we are so happy for your family and wish Jeff and Ashley a lifetime of love, laughter and faith.

Ivan is an entemologist, instead of rice, we released butterflies:)

The happy couple


mommy24treasures said...

what a kind thoughtful tribute to your dear friend.

Kate said...

When you find a good friend, a kindred spirit....hang on for life!!! What a lovely friendship!

Denise C said...

Beautiful! Just like you my friend!! I love the butterfly release! Very nice idea!
Oh how lovely is that rainbow! I love that GOD is big enough to put that rainbow in the sky...yet small enough to do it for you...on the exact day at the right time that you really needed to see a rainbow! Isn't that just like HIM to love us THAT much!!!
Love you sweet friend!


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