Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Birthdays, Graduations, Recitals, Oh My!

I am the first one to bound into spring joyously, but I must admit that as time goes by, entering the month of May gets increasingly more frightening. There are birthdays, weddings, Emily's recital, anniversaries, Mother's Day, proms, graduations, knees get knocky just thinking about the itinerary. On the flip side, it is a happy month filled with celebrations and happy faces.

Before we enter the storm, I figured I'd post some pictures of some mellow moments with the girls this past week. After our court hearing, we had a wonderful lunch in the village where Rob and I were married. We were a bit nostalgic about all the events that have brought us to this place in our lives - we never dreamed seven years ago all that would occur!

A preview of things to come...

Our little wanderer, picking dandilions and making wishes...

Oh those sweet toesies!

Reach for the stars! (or bubbles:)

Happy girl

Sisters, chillin'

We visited Rob at work on Friday afternoon (he is working at my mom and dad's) and I got some playtime with the ladybugs by the ponds. Hannah was in search of some ducks - we found a goose (and I had to warn the girls because the geese bite and spit, ewwww). We didn't get too close but we had a great afternoon:)


Anonymous said...

Your girls are just beautiful!

prechrswife said...

Such precious pictures! Chet has been working on your book, and seeing Hannah then and Hannah now is just amazing. :-)

On another note, how do you get Hannah to sit still long enough to get a straight part in her hair? She has more hair than Mary Joyce, so that probably helps, but my busy girl always has a crooked part because she won't be still. :-)

mommy24treasures said...

this was a lovely Spring time post! Loved all the pics.:)
The Ladybugs are so darling, I never tire of seeing your pretty girls.:)

Denise C said...

I completely know what you mean about is the same busyness for us as well! I think it resembles December...that month is a busy one too!!

Love these precious
pictures of your sweet girls!!! They are so beautiful!!! Looking forward to more as the events come in MAY!

Love you sweet friend!!!

Kate said...

Busy but blessed...that month of May!! I LOVE the picture of Hannah's sweet tootsies!!

Great post!


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Okay, does that mean there will be no room for me in May??? :o( JK...

I feel your sense of being overwhelmed but I don't have any prom dates or nearly as many things scheduled as you. I love all these pictures. The girls are so beautiful and you, my dear, have an amazing green thumb. It is all so lovely. Can I just tell you today I was looking at that dress Hannah has on thinking that it would be a good birthday dress for her but I needed to know her size first. So adorable!

Happy May Day with love,

redmaryjanes said...

Beautiful. Your daughters are just breathtaking.

DiJo said...

I love Emily's hair! Is that your masterful bun? If so, great job!!!! Whew - you have a big May! It looks like you have Spring.. Still waiting for that season to appear and stay!!! Enjoy your busy month! Can't wait to see the recital pics!

Jake and Taryn said...

I love the pictures of the girls! Especially in their dresses standing on the porch! Too cute!

MacMui Mom said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls! Emily is looking very grown up these days. Stay little and sweet Miss Emily!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous pictures of your girls!

Blogs by Danielle said...

These photos are so sweet. The girls look adorable as always.

Of course I'm up late working on blogs :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kimber said...


These photos look great! Really beautiful:)


Denise C said...

Just stopping by to see if there are any new pics of the sweet little Ladybugs!!! Have a most blessed Sunday sweet friend!!!

The Byrd Family said...

I just love her beautiful red hair and fair skin....just beautiful!

I love your porch too! Such sweet, sweet girls.

Anonymous said...

I love the first profile picture! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! And those tiny toes! Precious. Heather, your girls are darling!

Leslie said...

Oh I totally "get" this post, I am right there along with you. How is it that as soon as the nice weather gets here life gets crazy! A good crazy though. Our calendar gets packed! Some days nothing, other days 3 things at once!
Em looks so beautiful in her outfit! Hannah is just a doll, you are such a lucky mommy, I am sure I don't have to tell you that though!
I miss you!!!!

Rachel said...

Your girls are beautiful - I just came to your blog from your comment on my blog in March when I was in China! thanks for your comments and congratulations on the readoption (even though it was a few weeks ago).

I was also struck b/c I saw you are an ABA therapist - our two boys have autism and we did ABA for 2 years. We reached the end of that road for us and are now doing RDI.

Thanks again for the comment!


Christy said...

Beautiful Pictures!!! Your girls are so precious!! They look happy to go into spring. Fun times outside is the best!!!

Christy :)

Lori said...

Beautiful pictures of your girls! Happy Mother's Day! :D


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