Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Life's Little Surprises

"There is a fountain of youth. It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love." Sophia Loren

I could use that fountain right about now...but instead of focusing on that, today I will focus on the wonderful little surprises the past few days have presented me. In fact some of them highlight the gifts and talents of others and they way those have blessed our lives immeasurably. If anyone would have told me we were adopting a whole village, I probably would have laughed. But, that is what happened, we were blessed with the addition of Hannah to our family and a whole host of friends, who I am thankful to say I "know".

First, there is my bloggy pal Lori. She has emailed me to let me know she was "working on a little something" for me. Well, a package arrived on Monday.

A beautiful package wrapped in blue ribbon, so very pretty. I was elated with what I found inside...

The most beautiful apron, I have ever seen! The photo does not do it justice - Lori made this little ditty and I love it. When my husband walked through the door, I was holding it gently, like the treasure it is, and even he loved it! He tried to talk me into a photo of me in it and I'm sorry but my sweats just will not do! I will wear it while cooking and get a photo then:-) Lori, you touched my heart and gave Emily the beautiful lesson of doing for others for the sheer joy of making another happy. Many, many thanks - I will wear that apron out. It is one of the sweetest surprises ever in my life.

Then there is the little surprise that Emily likes dresses. Who knew? Our little tomboy has shown a renewed interest in getting dressed up and actually has asked to wear one favorite dress everyday for the past five days. Today was picture day and she chose one of my favorites. I love seeing her grow and change. I love that she is searching herself and enjoying new things in life.

Her favorite...

My favorite (her coat is covering the top, but the coat is cute too!)...

Then, there was Back to School Night. Now, this is not a surprise, but the emotion I felt being there and hearing her teacher speak about her was surprising. She has two magnificent teachers this year. The lead teacher is funny and spiritual, she is well versed with the kindergarten crowd and she is compassionate. The assistant is all those things, as well. They are a great team and best of all they think they have the best job (what parent doesn't want to hear that?)and they love our children. These ladies overwhelmed me and I am grateful.

And Miss Hannah, you ask - well, she just wants to be a rock star! We suspect those nasty teeth are invading again, but no worries, Miss Hannah has the attitude to handle it! Her funny bone has arrived and she has us laughing all the time. Last night, she thought 2:30 AM was a good time to practice her latest song and she was ready to party. Too bad Miss Hannah, the rest of us wanted to sleep (we are such party poopers!) Delightful ~ and the big surprise, venturing outside her comfort zone more frequently. Hannah takes it all in and lets us know when she is ready, thank you sweetheart, you light up our world.


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Could these posts be any cuter????

I love the apron. That Lori is so gifted and that was so sweet of her.

Yea for Em liking dresses because those are some mighty cute ones she is wearing. The girl makes the dress, though--never forget it. I love the coat, too. I've been looking for one for Lindy for our (short)winter season.

And on to our rock star...Hannah looks divine in her sunglasses.

You have a beautiful family and I know you count them among your greatest blessings daily...

Have a super day!


Kimber said...

Love the apron. That Lori is just sweet and talented:)

Em looks so cute in her dresses.


Danielle said...

Isn't Lori amazing? She is by far the most talented person I know. And she's thoughtful too :)

I feel exactly the same way about my apron. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen (so is yours). And the photos do not do it justice. I am scared to wear it and stain it!

The girls are so cute. Love Em's lunch box and her dresses, and love Hannah in her sunglasses.


Lori said...

Oh Heather, what a lovely post. Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad it brought a smile to your face!
I do agree with your husband though, you should be wearing it in the picture!
How adorable that Em is loving her dresses! She looks so beautiful and confident in them, such style she has too!!
Hannah cracks me up with her 2am singing! And you seem to have such a loving, kind heart about it! :D That, or just a great sense of humor! Or both! :D
Such precious little blessings you have.....but something tells me that you already knew that. :D

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness, I love that apron too, that Lori, one creative lady! And such a sweetheart too. Em looks so sweet in her dresses, she is growing up mom! Hannah is just a doll, love the glasses! I love how she woke you up to have a laugh, sounds like something Myah would do! I can't wait to see the girls in their MJC! Thanks for the order, I can't wait for it to come in.


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