Sunday, September 9, 2007

Funny Girl...

Okay, so the last thing I should be doing right now is blogging. My ironing pile has applied for a zip code of it's own, I have work to do and homework to do and I am hosting my family for my mom's 70th on Wednesday.(I'm game for trying something new, if anyone has a good crock pot or casserole recipe) But, here I am!

So, Emily says,"Mom, have you seen the pretty headband Nan got for me?" My response, "Oh, ummm yes I have." (Yes, the second picture she does have her first lollipop, which for the record, was Emily's and she begged it off of her!)

I was too slow with the camera to capture the bunny slipper heist that occurred shortly after the headband heist. But my dad, bless his heart, did capture the sunglasses heist last weekend. Hannah has become quite taken with all things Emily. Emily is amused at Hannah's fervor in obtaining the object of her desire and then parading around in it for surprisingly long periods of time.

The Bunny Bandit strikes again...Emily was out of range (at school) and Miss Hannah went "In Search of..." I caught the whole process this time!

Yes, here they are

Taaa Daaaa

You can't catch me!

Nope, don't know what you are talking about, wasn't me!

We considered a security guard for Puff (yes, the Magic Dragon - no comments, please, Emily adores him and the song, personally, I cry everytime she plays it) He was fair game a few weeks ago, but now Hannah has been making off with favorites from the book collection. This little one certainly keeps Emily steppin';-)


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Hi Heather,

You are cracking me up!!! I love your pictures and your humor. Ironing with a zip code of its it! I can totally relate, yet here I am on the computer.

I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful comments you have posted on my blogs. You really touched me so much. Thank you for your kindness and sincerity.

Will you do me a favor and send me your email? I just might send some recipes your way...

Also, you are more than welcome to add my blogs to your blog list. May I add yours??? I have been meaning to ask.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


Lori said...

Oh Heather, love your humor!
Yes, go the crockpot much easier!!
Hannah looks so beautiful with her hair back like that!
I hope you get done all that you need to do. :D

ADELE said...

Love your blog and I have enjoyed reading your posts!

Danielle said...

Too funny! I love that little Hannah. She's too funny.

Hope your ironing pile has diminished. As for the food...sorry I don't have a recipe to share, unless you want to make the baked cavatelli :)

I tagged you for a meme.

Leslie said...

Oh Heather, this sounds all too familiar, I always know where to look when Myah is being too quiet, I go straight to Dayton's bedroom and she is claiming that everything is "mine". I hope you get caught up. Looking forward to your order, let me know if you have any questions. Your daughters are so beautiful!

Amy said...

Your girls are so beautiful! Your youngest looks similar to my daughter...what part of China is she from?


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