Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Big Bug is a Ballerina and Other Thursday Tidbits

Emily has always been a bit rough and tumble. I like that about her. She surprised us last spring by toying with the idea of going to (GASP!) dancing class. Always choosing the nearest animal from her toy box and never doing much princessing, I wondered how this idea may come to pass. So, we registered, went to purchase dancy things (which she loved) and today the big test, her first class. Mind you, she is attending with a two adorable little friends(certainly fans the fire of motivation)and (drum roll please) - she loved it! She was impressed with her stamp for good listening and has shown us her first new move. Even if she ends up hating it, I am thankful she will try new things. Emily's love for life is evident in the way she approaches everything.

The little bug let some others hold her the other day. This is big news. Granted the others were our nieces, but still, I was cleaning up from dinner and realized neither of us parent people were with her, she was happily scooped up by family. It was a big moment.

My mother celebrated a big birthday this week (shhhh, don't say 70!). She is a wonderful mother and grandmother. She has taken care of so many in her life, willingly and without complaint. Somewhat shy and certainly more reserved than I, I pray that I am half the woman she is. Happy Birthday!

I was cleaning up after dinner and the house was oddly quiet. I looked out the window and there were a few of my favorite people all snuggled into the hammock out back. In honor of favorites...

Danielle tagged me for another meme and you know I love knowing little tidbits about everyone else, so I have to play along to be fair.

Random Meme

Favorite movie(s) - The Sound of Music
Last movie you saw - So sad, I cannot even remember
Favorite TV show(s) - Grey's Anatomy. Doesn't get better than that.
The one show that you didn't want to end - Seinfeld or LA Law
Do you have a favorite type of pen? - Black ink, medium point
What do you struggle with - Worrying about things out of my control
How many siblings do you have? - 1 brother
His name is - Mark
Birth place in family - youngest
Pet's names - Molly, Louie, Dory and Bubbles
Favorite breakfast - Fresh fruit and a croissant
Favorite salad - Anything with Santa Fe or Tex Mex in it
Favorite desert(s) - Birthday cake or Blondie brownies with maple butter
Favorite holiday - Christmas of course.
If you could do anything - Oh, this would take me forever- I have a list but I could never list them all here:-)
The one living male and female celebrities you would meet - Denzel Washington, Faith Hill
The one deceased celebrity you would meet - He did die for us and then arose - I would meet Jesus
Your birthday - 5-18
Favorite pie - Cherry
Favorite pastry - Cherry danish
Favorite Christmas song - Mary, Did You Know
Favorite soda - I know, the health nuts are cringing- I love soda - good old fashioned fountain coke is my favorite
What do you despise? - Snobbery (is that a word?) and slothfulness
Most annoying thing people do - Bad manners (I hate loud chewers- can't stand to "hear" people eat)
What did you do last night - Had my mom's birthday and went to class til 10:30
Any tattoos? - No. Never. Too permanent.
Pierced ears? - Yes. Two holes in each ear
Eye color - Green/hazel
Black or brown accessories (shoes/bags) - Both - love them both.
Favorite color - Pink
The walls in your bedroom are - The color of a Thistle crayon
You can't wait for this show to start this fall - Grey's Anatomy
If you could have one skill it would be - To play the piano and sing - I looove to sing, I'm just not very good at it:-)


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Yea!!! I got to read about you and I didn't even have to ask all the questions. :o) I am finding we have more and more in common.

I love the latest pictures of your bugs. I can't wait to hear about Emily's dance class experiences. She sure does look adorable in the duds.

Certainly your mom has been a big influence on who you are and who you are becoming. I have no doubt that you are more than half the lady your mom is.

Thanks for sharing and thank you for your email.

Talk soon!

Lori said...

Heather, I loved reading your list!
You crack me up...slothfulness!! :)
And yes, I'm cringing that you drink soda, but I still love you!! :)
I LOVE these pictures, first Emily's shoes are adorable and every girl needs leopard-print ballet flats!
That's a great picture of Miss Hannah and I'm so glad she's venturing out of your arms.
Lastly, Your husband (I'm assuming) looks SO much like a pastor from a church we used to be at!! They could be brothers!!
I just mailed you something, you should have on Monday. :)

Danielle said...

Ok too much to say so I'll try to keep this as short as possible.

Em looks SOOOOO cute in her little ballet outfit! So glad that she had fun.

Little Hannah is just too cute. Both girls are. I'm glad she's comfortable enough to let someone else hold her.

LOVE your responses in the meme. My favorite - loud chewing. I HATE this. One of my biggest annoyances actually. So gross. It's nice to know if we went to lunch you would chew quietly. :)

I don't drink soda. Ever. Like Lori, I still love you in spite of your love of soda. That's definitely something I can look past. If J ever haves a soda he hears a nice long lecture about the sugar content, and the fact that soda is "just not natural". OK - I actually refer to it as "toxic poison" but he still drinks it. Sometimes people say I'm a tad over-dramatic.


sheryl said...

Oh Emily looks so cute all ready for ballet. I love the leopard print ballet slippers, too cute! And little Hannah going to someone else is big news! She's so precious. It took a very long time for Linzi to go to anyone else and she is still a bit standoffish.

The list - I had to laugh at your response about chewing. I HATE when people are loud eaters and my family knows this. If they really want to ruffle my feathers, they will do it on purpose just to get a rise out of me. I fail to see the humor. :-) It really sends me off into another orbit!

Have a great weekend!

Leslie said...

Great post Heather, I love it when I can learn so much in just one sitting! I hope Em likes dance class, little Annabelle started this week too! Happy Bday Mom! It sounds like you are on your way to being just like her!I have to confess, I have to have a diet coke each day! I figure, I don't drink, smoke, or drink coffee, I have to have something bad for me right? Ha ha! On a side note didn't know if you still were interested in Matilda, the show is today, no pressure just didn't want you to miss out if it was something you really wanted. Hope you are having a great weekend, Leslie

Angie said...

Emily is the cutest ballerina ever!! I hope she continues to enjoy her class.
Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom! It looks like you all had a great time celebrating.

Ok....I drink WAY too much coke and I know I shouldn't but sometimes there is nothing that tastes better than an ice cold Coca-Cola!!
The Sound of Music is also my all time favorite movie. I did a report on the Von Trapp Family when I was in middle it!
I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Grey's Anatomy to start the new season. Do you really think McDreamy will start something with Meredith's half sister?? Surely not! We will have to critique each episode together this year!

Kimber said...


Loved reading your meme! Em looks adorable in her ballet duds!



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