Monday, September 17, 2007

Happiness Is...

Fresh picked "flowers" from your five year old because she wanted you to have something beautiful to look at (Oh, Emily, I have everything beautiful right before my very eyes!)

Going to church with your family and having the rest of the congregation enjoy your children as much as you do

Hearing your baby say Amen for the first time (it was priceless)

Laughter and lots of it

Swingsets, sliding boards and running through the leaves

A wonderful weekend with people you love

Happy Monday everyone. Have a blessed week.


sheryl said...

Heather, you do beautiful blessings you have in your life! I love this post. Emily just melts my heart with the sweet things she does for her momma. And hearing your little one say Amen for the first time truly is a priceless moment. When Linzi was very little, we were singing in church and as everyone lifted their hands in praise, Linzi lifted her hands too! What a sweet, sweet memory. Thank you for blessing me with that thought today! :D

chloesmama said...

Those are the most beautiful flowers I've seen in a long time!!! I agree with the "amen," too. At our house, Chloe says, "ah-mee!" She has been known to shout it out in the middle of our pastor's prayers, too. It's like she wants to keep things moving along...ha, ha, ha! Have a great day!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


Those are certainly several things to be happy about. No doubt, Emily has a sweet and thoughful heart because you have modeled that for her.

Lindy started saying "amen" in church and singing not long after we brought her home. It really does warm everyone's heart. At the end of church service she says, "Yea! We made it!" Hmmm...I wonder if we've ever said that??? :o) Don and I have made the decision to keep her in worship with us after Bible class to help "train" her to sit in church. There have been many times I've questioned our decision. However, when I hear her sing and pray and watch her put her penny in the collection plate, I know it is right for us.

Anyway, I loved your sweet list and rejoice in your happiness.


Danielle said...

I love this post. And as you know, I am a huge fan of Emily. From her kindness to her fantastic taste in shoes...I adore her. Tell her mommy's cat friend thinks she's wonderful.

I'm glad little Hannah has such a sweet and stylish sister to look up to. So sweet that she said "Amen". I would have loved to hear that.

Sending big hugs,


Lori said...

That is HAPPINESS! I think those are some of the most beautiful flowers I've seen all summer!


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