Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It is because we are different that each of us is special. ~ Brian Dyson

Growing up, my mother often remarked about how much she enjoyed the differences between my brother and myself. And we are very different! It would be cumbersome to list all of the ways we are different, but there are some ways we are very much the same. We share the same parents, parts of the same childhood and we'd lay down our lives for one another. All the differences fade in comparison to the depth of love in our soul for one another. And so, it warms my heart when I see our daughters sharing their childhood and growing in that relationship. I'm thankful for those simple moments when I am trying to get dinner on the table and a box of crayons and plain paper provide fifteen minutes of conversation and screechless interaction. (Crayola really does deserve a thank you note from our family:)

Bubbly from the beginning, Emily gathers up life and relishes each moment in her own finesse-filled way. People often ask, "Does she ever have a bad day?" And, of course, the answer is , "YES!". Emily is Petunia Picky-pants when it comes to nourishment. Hannah approaches things differently, breathing in each moment with a variety of responses, constantly surprising us and forever revealing answered prayer. Hannah has this very cute habit of "Oooooohing and Aaaaaaaahing" as soon as food is placed in her sight. She will eat pretty much everything and particularly likes vegetables. She loves to shop for clothes and accessories, Emily could not be more bored with anything than to be forced to try on clothes. I must say, I agree with my wise Mama, I enjoy the differences.

I am thankful that Emily asked for carrot sticks for snack this week and ate them! She also ate yogurt covered raisins and LOVED them. It may seem a small milestone to some, but for me, it was paramount.

I am thankful for Hannah's persistence. Though trying at times, at the delicate age of 21 months, her perserverance will help her in life and hopefully propel her to do well in the things she loves.

I am thankful for my mother and dad. They are encouraging parents and grandparents. My dad has been particularly helpful these past few weeks, with my most cranky computer. Between business trips and volunteer meetings, he has made time to help me and I appreciate that.

For all of us eighties and nineties girls, Dirty Dancing and Ghost are rites of passage, icons of our past...I plan to pray for Patrick Swayze and am not ashamed to admit my never-ending fascination with his movies. I'm thankful our friend Sam, also being treated for Pancreatic cancer is doing so well.

Finally, I am thankful for friends and family who take the time to remind us how special we are. In the daily grind, it is easy to look outside your own circumstance and assume everyone else is doing it better. I think it is a natural symptom of being a mom. This quote that I stumbled over this week has particular meaning,

"I guess what I have really discovered is the humanizing effect of children in my life, stretching me, humbling me. Maybe my thighs aren't as thin as they used to be, maybe my getaways are not as glamorous. Still, I like the woman that motherhood has helped me to become." ~ Susan Lapinski


mommy24treasures said...

oh this is a great post Heather. Love it. Thank you for taking the time to inspire every Thursday:)

nikki said...

That was absolutely beautiful, Heather.
Keep celebrating all of the little things that make your girls exactly who God created them to be!

Lisa said...

Wonderful pictures! Wonderful words of love and appreciation. I am so grateful for differences. Thank you for reminding us what is important! Have a blessed week!


Don and Lisa Osborn said...


You are so gifted when it comes to words and expressing your emotions, my friend. I love this post! There are many times where I have said, "Why can't Lindy _______?" (sit still, focus on one thing for more than a nano second, have a gorgeous mane of hair, etc.) I know that sounds terrible but I'm admitting it and am not proud of it. Don always says, "Because that's not Lindy." I need to remember this now and will especially need to remember this one day when we bring home her sister.

Thank you for always speaking to me and touching me in ways you'll never know.


Christy said...

I love this post. I have to love my kids for each of their unique differences. Mia is so easy going and I am sure we will have challenges in the future but with my boys I have really had to remind myself that each kid is different. My oldest was an easy baby, easy kid, gets great grades without trying, obediant and just a nice and kind kid. My second son Owen is so far from the description I gave of Ethan it is crazy. Owen was a tough baby, tough kid and has struggled in school. But I will tell you that kid gives me so much joy it is crazy. He also makes me crazy but that kid is going to go so far in life because of his persistance. He can assemble and disassemble things better than most adults. He is an amazing kid and I have to remind myself that he is differnt than Ethan and while many may perceive his differences as negatives, I have to remember they are huge positives for Owen. He will probably be a multi million dollar general contractor and never do a day of college-- who knows????

Christy :)

Danielle said...

As usual, loved the post.

Have a wonderful weekend with your wonderful girls!



Anonymous said...


I love what you wrote about your brother, how your mom enjoyed you both, and your father's help and encouragement. Your family must be so proud of the woman your are, and the mommy, too.

I have never heard of Petunia Picky Pants, but it aptly describes Jane, as well :). Every day I wonder what she will like today. Food is just not very interesting to her. Your girls sound so sweet in their individual ways.

Love the picts. They are darling, as usual! Oh, and the quote at the bottom! I was just telling a freind yesterday I think my adult children are realizing my humanity. It is part of growing up. LOVE the quote you had at the end of your post. So true and beautifuuly stated.

Finally, thank you for your kind posts to my blog! You have been a source of encourgement to me :)!!

Jodee Leader said...

Heather -- I loved this post. You are such a fabulous writer! My kids are so different too and I really appreciate their differences! Carson is so Type A, like me, and Kamree is so laid back, just like her Daddy!

Sheri said...

That quote is amazing! I've alway felt that God gives us children with different personalities to keep us humble. :) Just when we're feeling all full of ourselves about what a great job we're doing raising a child, the next one comes along and changes everything. Sometimes we forget that God created them each just the way they are.

Have a great weekend!

Denise C said...

Oh Heather,
This was such a beautiful post...straight from your beautiful heart! I LOVE this really do have a "Gift" for writing! I am blessed to pieces by you! ...Thank you so so much for all of your kind words to me on my blog just make my heart smile!
Would it be OK if I added you to my side bar of "Blogs I Love"? I'd love to have you listed on there if that would be OK?
Have a most blessed weekend with your beautiful girls.....
I just know you will!!
Love and prayers,
Denise C

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Hello Heather... the girls are beautiful...
Just wanted to stop by and say hello before starting to clean..
Have a Great Weekend..

paige said...

what a beautiful family & wonderful blog
thank you for leaving such a precious note for my mil
blessings to you

Kimber said...


What a lovely post! It is good to celebrate the differences instead of lamenting them. You are blessed.


Kate said...

What a poignant and wise post! As I preapre to go from the mother of one to the mother of two, I will remember your words (and your mother's words too!). Don't you wish e could bottle up the wisdom of those who have traveled this road before us?? You are truly blessed and you bless us all with your insights and thoughtfulness.


Dawn said...

What a sweet post...It is so wonderful to celebrate their differences and uniqueness.

Lori said...

Great post Heather, I love the sweet pictures of sisters side-by-side. Differences are a wonderful thing and add so much to our lives. :)

Leslie said...

Heather, you should write a column! Seriously, you can write girl! I too have children that are very different, just when I think I have one figured out, the other one throws me a curve ball. makes life interesting that is for sure! Great list!

prechrswife said...

Such a sweet post, and I love that first picture of your girls--just adorable!

Denise C said...

Thank you Heather for adding Chelsi to the blog prayer requests!!! You are so precious, my sweet friend!
She is doing a little pain but on her way to healing!
Again, thank you from my heart!
Denise C

Pearls and Grace said...

This is precious and so heartfelt.
You are such a terrific Mom!

DiJo said...

Oh, I am so happy that I read this post tonight. Ainsley & Jeff are gone and it is strangely quiet at 8:30pm as Ruby sleeps! Thank you for that quote, because it sums up how I feel some days so perfectly. I may have to "plagiarize it someday!" It sounds like we could get Emily and Ainsley together as they have very compatible food choices!!!! Love your new blog look, and I think your prayer requests are such a wonderful blessing! Thank you for including Baby Madison. She still has a mountain to climb! Thanks again for blessing me tonight!

Danielle said...

Love the post, love your beautifully written words, and love your prayer requests on the sidebar.

My friend's grandmother just had a mastectomy. I wrote a post and asked everyone to write her a note and let her know they are praying.

Ali is going to show all the comments to her grandma.

As for the blog, I did use the ladybugs but recolored them. I am sure this is not what you expected, but I hope you like it. Ok, I hope you love it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sharon said...

What a great post! And you are a very wise woman to appreciate the differences!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

What a beautiful post Heather,
so much to be thankful for and so much to embrace.... I love the differences in your little ladybugs.... both of them are beautiful on the inside and out.

Rachel said...

What a wonderful blog you have! I am drawn to yours because our girls are so similar! I have my own curly-headed redhead and a sweet brown-eyed girl too! I just started a blog of my own:
Feel free to check it out!

Happy Easter!

Kristy said...

That was beautifully said. Our differences are what makes our world go around. God intended that so we could enjoy and learn from each other. Your daughters are beautiful and priceless, cherish each moment.
Love, Kristy
LID 4/21/06


ok, that was a fabulous way to start my day ... just THANKING the Father for His blessings in my life ...I love how you describe your sweet angel girls ... Isn't it just like God to create our children so differently just remind us as mothers that He did the creating and not us ... hee hee hee ...

Your sweet gift arrived yesterday afternoon ... I got the biggest smile and a little tear ... Now Maggie has her very own bank ... I just love the teaching principle behind the JOY banks ... You are super kind ... we are on spring break this week also, so we are making the pretzels for the basketball games tomorrow night ya !!!

Anonymous said...

Checking in on you. Hope you are enjoying spring and all is well!

Hugs, your DTC friend!


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