Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Posts are Piling Up

To the tune of When the Saints Go Marching In...

Oh when the posts start piling up,
Oh when the posts start piling up
How I'd love to get them published
When the posts start piling up

Oh when the wash is a mile high
And dinner needs to be on the table
And the kids clothes won't iron themselves
I can only do what I am able

And I can't hide,
Oh just can't hide
Those chores will just have to get done
And the posts will pile up
Til the rise of the new day sun

So I'll be back
Oh yes, be back
Just a few things more left to get done
Oh how I miss my bloggy blogging
Stay tuned for ladybug fun....


Kelley said...

Very funny!!! I'm right there with you...for as many things as I post, I actually have several more. Time is short these days!

Kimber said...

Oh we miss you...but it is just so much more important to LIVE life instead of blog about it! Lent has taught me that! We received the quilt squares and lovely note. Thank you so much (will write a real TY but am SO behind in everything due to all of the illness). I love what you picked for us. Thank you Heather. Will we see you soon?


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

I've been missin' you and the bugs but I always know it is for a good reason. I know your priorities and am learning from you thousands of miles away.

Love you,

Denise C said...

I completely agree....I have also been busy "living Life"....lately....seems like I don't get around to everyone's place as often as I would like to.....but when I do....I am always blessed!
I miss you sweet friend...You always put a smile on my face...with your precious words!

Have a blessed Easter with your sweet family!


Danielle said...

Haha. You're too funny.

Tell Emily she has the best taste in the whole wide world. That Snoopy snow cone maker was one of my favorite things when I was growing up. I found one a few months ago but the store I saw it at was charging WAY too much for it.

Can you email me and let me know where you found it?

DiJo said...

I am just impressed you have time to be creative!!!!! Hopefully, I will "see" you soon!
Happy Easter!

sheryl said...

Oh this could totally be MY theme song!!! LOL

Never fear, we know you are busy living life your little ladybugs and will wait patiently for you to find time for us. :D


prechrswife said...

I know what you mean. I posted about 5 entries at once the other day just because I finally had long enough to sit down and get it done. :-)

Sheri said...

You are a busy, yet very creative girl! Love the little poem you came up with. I've missed your posts and I'm so glad there will be a bunch to read!


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