Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter is Upon Us!

This is the year for cleaning out and cleaning up. I vowed this to myself as the year began and so far, I have kept my word. As I cleaned out my hope chest recently, I discovered a lifetime of memories tucked neatly in what I consider the prettiest piece of furniture I have ever owned. It was fun to leaf through each and every precious card and note, picture and book, that mean so much and tell the story of my life. In that hope chest was my choir folder. I sang with the church choir from age 4 until age 18. My folder was number 8 (my favorite number)and though I cannot recall what I may have sung as a child, all of the songs I sang as a teen were securely packed in my blue music holder.

During my cleaning spree, I found a favorite song, Easter Morn. The tune is so pretty and the words ring with truth and joy.

In a land so far away, on a hillside there
Jesus died upon the cross, all our sins to bear
Born a child of lowly birth, in a manger stall
Lived a Life of peace and love, died to save us all

Jesus healed the sick at heart, Jesus healed the lame
Walking on from town to town, preaching in God's name
He had a destiny, not to be denied
So for all the sins of man, He was crucified

There is a bit of a story that goes with the song. The choir director, Mr. Nelson, a very funny man, was usually all full of jokes, but one particular rehearsal, he was tired and not in the mood for our usual antics. He would prompt us at the chorus, however, we always sang the words incorrectly...what should have been

But, He rose on Easter morn, the battle He had won,
Angels rolled the stone away, His work on Earth was done
Sing the glory of Christ on high
In Heaven He shall reign, until the day He comes to Earth again.


Buddy rose on Easter morn, the bad doll he had won

We consistently slurred the words in a way only youth can do and after several times of stopping and starting, Mr. Nelson lost it. He yelled and ranted, and we, certainly not thwarted by his little tantrum continued to talk with one another and giggle despite his disgust with us. Then, the choir clown, Kenny spoke, "Actually, Mr. Nelson it's not really wrong, He is our buddy. I mean that is what He wants from us, right? A solid relationship - to be our buddy, our go-to guy." There was silence. To this day, I am unsure of whether it was because we thought Kenny was about to be asked to leave or because we all recognized the value in his observation.

Jesus is most definitely my "go-to-guy". I think Kenny was onto something. Webster defines "buddy" as companion, partner and friend. Yes, Kenny, you definitely understood.

Happy Easter Week!

Dying Easter eggs


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Just got through posting about my fear of crafts and I see your awesome eggs and NO NEWSPAPERS. I AM a control freak...

Love the song! Love the family pictures! Love the beautiful table. Love you!


prechrswife said...

Have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! :-) Happy Easter from our family to yours...

Sheri said...

I'm with Lisa on this one -- I've never let my boys dye eggs! I was always afraid of the incredible mess they would make. You are a great mom to not worry about this kind of stuff and let the girls have fun with it.

Love your story about choir! Aren't all those memories so precious when you think about them again?

Happy Easter to your family!


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