Thursday, March 20, 2008

On a Serious Note

I love Easter, some of my future posts will reflect how much I love Easter. But, this week my heart is sad, for three very important prayer requests. Please indulge me and pray for three important people in our lives.

First, there is Ray. Ray is the child I have provided home therapuetic services for since he was six years old. He is now eleven. Ray is a child affected by Autism. On a normal day, life is never normal for Ray or his family. When you spend as much time in someone's home as I have spent in their home, you discover that somewhere along the road, you have become family with this family. Ray is sick and has been hospitalized since last week. I was hoping that this post would not come to pass because I hoped he'd be home by now, but he is not. The key words are abdominal abscess and no desire to eat, which if you knew Ray, you'd know this is very serious. Pray for healing for Ray, for wisdom for his doctors and nurses and truly for peace and rest for his family. His mother and father are taking shifts, but because of some of Ray's individualized needs this is tiresome at best and outright exhausting for the most part.

Then, there is Leanna. She is a dear friend, prayer warrior and genuinely amazing woman who delights in serving others. She was visiting family in another state and almost on a plane to come home. She fell, broke her hip and has now been operated on in a strange hospital, far from home. She is not feeling well and just plain needs prayer. I spoke with her yesterday and though she sounded good, her frustration is apparent. I am certain her greatest heartache is missing time with her immediate family at home. So, she could use prayer for quick healing and much less pain. We are praying for her husband, who is by her side and also for all the medical personnel caring for her.

Finally, you can visit Lori here to offer up some love. Apparently in Hague related issue, there may be some tentativeness in their adoption. They are a waiting family and having been in their shoes, waiting and waiting, I have seen the joy that is the other side of that wait. I pray for them the same outcome and my heart is heavy for any and every family waiting, hoping, dreaming of their children from China, experiencing bumps in the road and uncertainty. I am sure of God's plan for our families, but know firsthand the desperate moments that can pop into our lives when waiting for something so precious, so desired and loved.

In this season of newness and spring, I pray for newness in the lives of those I've highlighted and hope for them joy.


sheryl said...


Thank you for sharing these prayer needs. You truly are an angel and so many people are so blessed by your caring, prayerful heart. I hope that Ray is on the mend, his family finds strength and peace in the midst of great challenges and for Leanna's speedy recovery. I already visited Lori earlier this morning and have been thinking about her constantly. I just know deep in my heart that her day will come and I can't wait to see her dreams come true.



mommy24treasures said...

Heather I will pray for all of these needs RIGHT NOW. Oh how my heart ahces for Ray and his family. I will pray for him daily.

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

I love your sweet sensitive heart and commitment to the power of prayer. I am thankful you are a prayer warrior of MINE.

I saw that you had Ray on your list and was going to ask more via email. This explained a lot. I know this is heartbreaking to you.

Many prayers to pray without ceasing!

Love you,

Meredith Teagarden said...

May I pray here?

Father, I pray for Ray and his family. Lord just thinking of them I cry and I do not know them, but I know about Autism. Please bring healing and rest, and comfort, and renew their strength.
For Leanne, Lord would you surround her with compassionate folks in the place where she is, and bring others who love you along side her for comfort. Also would you heal her and take away the pain she is in.
For Lori, Oh Lord, please intervene on their behalf and move mightily. In you we place all of our trsut, all of our hope, and wait knowing you hear our cries. In Jesus name, Amen.

Heather, I knew you were mjissing too long! Take good care of your self! Love, your DTC friend

John & Michelle said...

I would be honored to pray with you! Please tell Leanna that a friend/neighbor once told me that we should "bloom where the Lord plants us"! She has been temporarily "planted" where someone may need to here from her! She has faith to share and will be blessed for it!

Dawn said...


I will be lifting all of these precious people up in prayer during these very holy days. For sweet little Ray, and a quick recovery for Leanna, and Lori, whom I will continue to pray for her family.

Have a Wonderful Easter

prechrswife said...

More prayers from FL...

Sheri said...

I always appreciate that you share prayers requests on your blog. I will certainly be praying for each of these individuals and their families.


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