Thursday, March 20, 2008

One Year Ago Today...

These next two weeks mark our Hanniversary! I will be trying to post some reflections of that time, as we celebrate the union of Hannah Leigh into our family. Without further ado

T'was the night before China
And all through the house
Everything was stirring
Especially my spouse

His bags, they were packed
Ready to send
Knowing our wait for sweet Hannah
Was just about to end

We were both a bit nervous
And sad to be apart
but knew our decision
was right in our hearts

And Knight in bright armour
That is our Jim
Packing his bags
And jumping right in

So off to the airport
Look out big Beijing
Our Hannah waits for us
And that's everything!


Dawn said...

Oh I love this are very creative!! I am looking forward to following the journey you took to your sweet sweet little girl.

Jake and Taryn said...

What a wonderful time to be reflecting! Very cute poem, I love it! I can't wait to see your reflections. What a very special time in your family! Happy 1 year with Ms. Hannah!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Hallmark is calling and they have a position for you!

Love this poem. You are gifted and talented in so many ways. Can't wait to celebrate this special anniversary with you over the next few days.


Jodee Leader said...

Great poem! Happy Haniversary! I can't wait to see more pictures!

prechrswife said...

Wow, has it been a year already? I remember following the whole trip, and remembering our trip the entire time. :-)

Jan... said...

You are such a poet! Happy Hanniversary!

Sheri said...

Another great poem! I love that you are calling this special time Hanniversary. You witty one! :) Can't wait to read the posts about it.

Anonymous said...

I remember waiting to be updated on every bit of this :)!

Beth said...

YEA! CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st Hanniversary! I've said it before but I just have to say again that you have a beautiful family and you are a remarkable mother.

Easter blessings to you - Beth

Leslie said...

You are so clever! I can't belive that your 1st year gotcha anniversary is upon you already!

Kate said...

I ADORE the poem....perfect! You're a gal after my own rhyming heart!

GGAdventures said...

What a wonderful poem! Happy Hanniversary!


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