Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

"The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you." Numbers 6:24-25

This day I am thankful for

Gerry (Aunt Gerry for us:), caring for all those wonderful children

The staff at Emily's school...from finding lost hats, to praying with students, to solving student conflict and escorting each child to their parent at the end of the day, these people love the Lord and love the children. Many of them are parents themselves and as I watched them during this week's storms and winds, outside, putting others' needs before their own, I thought about how grateful I am for each and every one of them. Their devotion and dedication does not go unnoticed. Thank you CCA staff for the blessing you are to our families.

For continued work for my husband. In these uncertain times, each new job that comes in assures us of food on our table and the mortgage being paid. There are no words to express the peace that comes from knowing there will be a next job and a next after that.

Prayer and the friendships that go along with it. A good friend just had surgery, another had a baby, another is battling pancreatic cancer and yet another is rejoicing a meeting that went extraordinarily well. I have a friend that is contemplating another adoption and one who just confirmed they will be adopting a third child. Sometimes, my words and actions are insignificant, yet, in prayer, God can do big things and I can be a part of that. I like knowing that we support one another, and feel comforted that I have friendships flourishing because they are covered in prayer. For this unity, I am thankful.

Here, in the world o' blog, it is customary to pass along nominations for favorite blogs, folks that make us smile, cause us to think or just rock us with their daily "stuff". In the past six weeks, I have been nominated for several bloggy awards and I want to say I am thankful. I have posted icons on the sidebar of the nominations our blog has received. I have not passed them along (which I know is against the rules) but I would be hard pressed to find the blogs that have not been nominated already or limit it to five or six friends. So, many, many thanks to those of you who follow and keep in touch. We are so grateful to you and these "feel the love" awards, help me to be encouraged to leave our blog public and to post more often.

Wednesdays are tough days. Emily is on the go from morning til night. The one thing about Wednesdays that we love is that it is the night I have a "date night" with her. After dance, we eat dinner together and then I take her to Awana. The trip to eat and then the trip to the church and back home give us lots of time to chat. I love this time. Last night, it was late, she had lost her hat three times during the day, which apparently upset her and she forgot to take extra shoes to change into, so I knew her little mind was tired. As we pulled into the driveway, an ambulance whizzed past us and this little sweetheart says, "Mom, I really want to pray for the person in the ambulance and their family." (snivel) So, without boring you with the details of what my heart felt at that moment, I must admit how thankful I am for this child's heart.

Selfishly, I am thankful for the time I get to spend with our little sparkplug. When Emily was little and it was just she and I during the days, I was grateful beyond measure for that time. Sure, I cleaned the house and organized our lives, tasks I still have, in addition to working part time, but the moments, the everyday moments continue to bless me (and hopefully them). So, I am thankful for Hannah...for her funny little ways and for all the times she has said "Hold me, Mommy." and I can. I am thankful.


Michelle said...

Where to begin, Heather? You have so many beautiful sentiments in this post. You have such a kind heart. I always feel uplifted when I visit your blog. I heart your blog, too!!

I would have been mush at Emily's wanting to stop and pray for the family in the ambulance. What a direct reflection of YOU! Our Wednesdays are crazy, too. I am thankful our church serves dinner before Awana. That has been such a nice relief for us every Wednesday.

And finally, what AWESOME photos of the girls. Just beautiful!

Hugs to you,

missy said...

I second every word that Michelle has said and then some. I feel so blessed by "meeting" you. I know that if we lived closer, you would be the type of friend that I would drop in on with some goodies and we could just chat and chat.

Your heart is as good as gold.

We are all blessed to know you!

DiJo said...

I am so thankful for you and your prayer warrior heart! God must be smiling upon you daily knowing you are training His in the way they should go... Clearly evident by the Ambulance story.... Thank you for being such a special blog friend. Someday, I hope we can meet in "real life!" By the way... who's beautiful kitchen is that?


sheryl said...

Oh Heather,

You truly were an angel to me this week and I felt you rejoicing with me. I even "felt" your hug over the many miles that separate us. Thank you for sharing with me.

Sweet Emily is a reflection of her mother's heart. I have said it before, but it is just so evident. And Hannah! She will soon grow to be just as compassionate as her sister, but for now, I love her sweet babyness and that you remembered to cherish those moments. Mandi just came in as I was reading and commented on just how adorable the girls are.

Those pictures are amazing! And the setting is stunning too. I LOVE Emily's top and Hannah's little boots. :D

And I want to know whose kitchen that is too! Beautiful.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am so glad that I popped over here tonight.....

I could use a little perspective....and you certainly gave it to me!

Beautiful as always Heather...your words and your photos! What sweet little angels you have raised...I love what Emily made me smile!

mommy24treasures said...

beautiful beautiful thankful post Heather. I too thank GOd for continued work for my husbands business as well. Praise God for his continued provision.

Ashley Winters said...

What a moving post. You are such a caring individual. Thanks for reminding us to live in the now and appreciate the moment.

Denise said...

What a beautiful do have so much to be thankful for. The way you have expressed what you feel is a gift to others. Thank you for sharing~

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Thankful friend, we are thankful for all of you! :) You show your friendship in beautiful ways. :)

That kitchen by Rob is gorgeous. Hellooooooooo!!!! Can he come to our house!?!? God is so good! You know it, sister!

Gorgeous shots of your cherubs. Where did you take that last picture? Really, I need to hire you for our Christmas picture! :)

Love you! Thanks for calling today. Today was the best day I've had and I did a few "normal" things. More later...

prechrswife said...

Precious, just precious...

sara said...

I love the hat in the previous post - I must have missed it before!

So much to be thankful for; I love your list this week!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Is that your kitchen??? Beautiful and CLEAN! lol

What sweet sentimental thoughts and precious daughters. I love how she immediately wanted to pray for the person who may have been injured.

Denise C said...

OH many sweet precious "mommy Moments" in this heartfelt post!!! Thank you for sharing always always bless my heart with yours!
I had to smile when I read the part about the ambulance...because CHelsi and I have ALWAYS done this...when ever we see one with their lights on...we always pray for the accident they are traveling to assist...and for the persons that may be hurt...we also pray for the family of the victims for Jesus to hold them really close in am extra special way as they learn of the tragedy. IT is so neat now....after doing this with her for 12 years....she will look at me and say "Do you want to pray or would you like me to do it?" It is just as normal as breathing in and out!
What a blessing your precious Emily is....I just adore her heart for GOD and for others! Heather...I am so anxious to see what GOD has in store for her life! She is going to "move those mountains" while she is being Jesus' hands and feet! What a special little girl!!!
Love you sweet friend!!

3 Peanuts said...

What a beautiful post. I love the words and I love the photos.

Love the kitchen Rob did! Tell him we said it is beautiful!

Also, the photos of em and hannah are so good! Really!

MacMui Mom said...

Thank you for being such a great friend and adding your prayers to mine. Your prayers are continued to be answered as things are getting better each day. I know the decision to go ahead was the correct one. Words cannot express my gratitude to you for the love and support.

Thank you for being such a good example to me in terms of a good mother and having a pure and prayer heart.

Lots of love,

Lisa R

MacMui Mom said...

Thank you for being such a great friend and adding your prayers to mine. Your prayers are continued to be answered as things are getting better each day. I know the decision to go ahead was the correct one. Words cannot express my gratitude to you for the love and support.

Thank you for being such a good example to me in terms of a good mother and having a pure and prayer heart.

Lots of love,

Lisa R


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