Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Fall Days with Our Little Pumpkins:)

Last week, bloggy buddy, Lisa cruised into town for a much needed vacation with her family. Fortunately for us, she, Don and Lindy carved out some time to spend with us and we were so blessed to finally meet. If you follow her blog or reside somewhere here in the blogosphere, you have become familiar with Lisa's innate ability to encourage and say the right thing at the right time. Somewhere along the line, Lisa stepped out on a limb and contacted me. We discovered so many similarities and gratefully accepted the red thread was hard at work. Lisa is a fiercely loyal friend and a truly beautiful woman with an equally beautiful soul. As scary as it is to meet someone at the other end of an email, the joy that comes from it (at least in this case)far surpasses the fears we may have harbored before meeting. Although seeing each other may be extremely limited due to distance, I have no doubt that our families will remain dear and cherished friends for a lifetime. Thank you red thread, you continue to weave such a magnificent tapestry.

Lindy and Emily

Happy, happy Lindy

Calling all princesses...

In the spirit of friendship, we are also thankful for Gabrielle and her family. Gabrielle has been a wonderful friend to Emily and a sweet "sister" to Hannah.

We love you Gabrielle and enjoy the moments we get to spend with you:)

What are you thankful for today?


Sheri said...

How incredibly special that your two families got to meet and spend time together! Looks like a fun time for all. I love the connections that are made through the blog world!

sara said...

Gorgeous pictures, as usual! How fun that you got to meet Lisa & Lindy!! I think I live on the wrong side of the country. ((sigh))

Denise C said...

Oh what a very special visit!!! I just love it when blog "sisters" get together!!! Such a special friendship that we form here...and I just truly believe that God's hand is in them!
Oh, and I must tell you....I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!
IT looks so gorgeous!
Have a great weekend, my sweet friend!!!
Love and hugs!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am so glad that you and Lisa got to spend some together during her visit up north! From the looks of these pictures, I would say a good time was had by all!

The girls are so beautiful!

Hope you enjoy your weekend....what happened to fall, it feels more like winter around here!!

ADELE said...

That is wonderful that you and Lisa met. Love the picture of you two.
I love all of the pics on this post. That color of green looks so beautiful on Emily with her gorgeous red hair.
Oh, can you email me your address? I wrote it down when you mailed me that sweet package but can't seem to find it. Thanks.
Have a wonderful weekend.

LaLa said...

Oh, I love it when bloggy friends meet IRL. Looks like they all had such a great time : )

I know we all love our raven haired beauties but I have to say Emily has the most beautiful shade of red I have ever seen...lucky girl!

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Heather: That is great you and Lisa were able to meet! How wonderful! (you didn't tell me the visiting friend was from Bloggityville!) Those gals are all beautiful!

I am thinking you should host a World of Blog annual picnic or something! :)

And how sweet your words for Gabrielle! Love,love the pictures. Wait until she sees these in the morning!

Love you!

mommy24treasures said...

oh Heather once again your writing is so beautiful as you describe your friendship and the beauty of Lisa...
I am SO glad you finally were able to meet! That is wonderful... I am telling you, that RED THREAD never ceases to amaze me. It is truly magical...thank you for blogging about your visit.

Linette said...

Oh..I'm SO jealous you got to meet Lisa and Lindy! I'm very happy for you both and looks like you had a great time! Love the princess picture. :)

Michelle said...

I just love that you and Lisa got to meet!! You are both such special women and I have been blessed to "meet" you both - even if it is just in bloggerville.

Your photos of the girls are adorable. And my husband, a redhead, was always told never to wear orange. Well, I will tell you that whomever told him that has never seen your beautiful Emily wearing it because she looks just beautiful!!


Jodee Leader said...

I enjoyed reading your Thankful Thursday post! It looks like you had a great time meeting Lisa and her family! Lisa does have an amazing way with words!

Have a great weekend!

Ashley Winters said...

There is nothing better than making a new friend. How wonderful for both you and your daughters.

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


Your words bring me to tears. I'll never be able to tell you how much being with you and your family meant to me and us. It was perfect. Thank you for everything!

I love that first picture of Em. It is so different of her and just another gorgeous shot of her.

I am so glad God nudged me to write you and the incredible connection that has been forged. It goes far beyond our girls.

Can't wait for the next time and there WILL be a next time.

Love you,

ADELE said...

I left you an award. Check out my blog. You deserve it!

DiJo said...

I LOVE the photos of you finally meeting Lisa and family!!! You worded it better than I ever could. She is a blessing!! And, of course so are you sweet Heather!
Lindy looks like she fit right in and had a great time!!!!! What a blessing it is for all of us to be on the receiving end of that great big red thread!!!


Anonymous said...

heather, how fun to see all the girls togther1 I just spoke with your sweet friend on the phone last week!

3 Peanuts said...

I am SO thrilled that you were able to spend some time together. I know you have such a special bond with one another that words cannot explain. It warms my heart immensely to see two people that I care about and that have such huge hearts meet and nourish their friendship.



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