Friday, November 30, 2007

Twas a Month Before Christmas

Twas a month before Christmas,
And nothing was done.
No cookie dough, decorating or deal shopping fun.
The children were annoyed
by boxes filled with glee,
the angels and wreaths and stuff for the tree.
They hovered and begged and fingered each one
asking each time, can we open just one?
Then, what to my wondering eyes should appear
But the white postal truck, mailman in tow
He ran up the drive, so lively and quick
But I knew in my heart that he was not St. Nick
He smiled and fidgeted and rang our doorbell
This package is for you, hope all is well
We giggled, we opened, and saw with delight
A beautiful box filled with everything right
Gingerbread scents and a treat for our tree
All we can say is THANK YOU CONNIE!

We were blessed by a drawing held at Mommy24Treasures and we received the cutest box, filled with lovely things for our Christmas celebration. My favorite item is, of course, the darling ornament for the tree. Emily and Hannah really liked that too. I am grateful today for the miracle of community that adoption has extended into our home.

Sadly, the beginning of this rhyme is true - we have accomplished very little as far as the holidays are concerned and true to form, I am wondering however will it all get done. Fortunately, I am constantly reminded that there are certain Type A things that are not necessary and all the important things will get done. I have put one decoration out so far - the advent wreath. Emily knew immediately what it represents and asked when we would add the purple and pink candles. I suppose that is how I know all the important things will happen this Christmas.

On a prayerful note, I have proclaimed many times my love for Emily's teacher. This week her husband fell ill, and it was confirmed yesterday that he suffered a stroke - he will be fine, but has a road ahead of him and his lovely wife as well. Please pray for their family as they navigate this new and sudden territory. Their faith will sustain them, but it doesn't remove the painfulness of the process.

Wishing you all a happy month ahead filled with wonder and beauty.


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Aren't you Clever with a capital C!?! I love the poem. I love the post. Congrats! The ornament is wonderful and will have a great spot on your tree, no doubt.

I have thought of you so many times this week. I am so thankful for you.

I am sorry about Em's teacher's husband. We'll certainly lift him up in prayer. Keep us posted.

I meant to ask about Sam. How's he doing?

Hope you're having a great Friday. God will allow you to get things done. Just ENJOY your bugs!!!


Linette said...

What a great poem! Lisa is right.. you are creative. :) What fun gifts you got from Connie- she's the best! Have a great weekend.


sheryl said...

Very clever poem my friend! What a darling package from Connie, she is such a sweet person and the ornament is the cutest. I will hold Emily's teacher in my prayers too. God will see them through. Thank goodness he is going to be okay.

I know what you mean about the overwhelming list of Christmas things. I am swimming in my own list, but trying very hard to weed out the little stuff and focus on the things that truly bring joy to our family. I definitely have a type A personality on that kind of stuff, but I am slowly learning to let go. Took me 14 years to figure this one out and I am still working on it. ;D


Sheri said...

What a cute poem! Congratulations on winning the drawing.

I will keep Emily's teacher and her husband in my prayers.

I don't have a lot done at my house, either. We did get the tree up and some garland, but that's it, and it may just be all I do this year. I haven't done much shopping and haven't even started on my Christmas cards. So, your not alone dear! :)

Ashley Winters said...

Beautiful posting! I love the poem too!

Lori said...

Heather, you are so cute!! you're right, all that is important will get done, children find the magic in Christmas in the most unexpected places. :)
What a fun and wonderful package to receive!
Of course I will pray for Emily's teacher's family, they are on my list.
I hope you get done what you need to this week, you have plenty of time! (hug)

Danielle said...

I love that poem Heather. And of course I love the Christmas decor, and your girls. And you know I love you too!

I am with Lisa - I am SO thankful for you!

Sending you LOTS of love.



Anonymous said...


I always love to come over and see what you have posted. Your post about Hannah's WuvVooo caught me off gaurd and brought me to tears. How wonderful for her to KNOW those words!

I love the gifts and Mommy24 Treasure's blog! Great poem :).

I will pray for Emily's teacher and her husband.

Kimber said...

I will pray for Emily's teacher and her hubby.

I loved your poem and can certainly empathize. It is a little harder to get it all done this year.

None of it matters...we have our girls:)


mommy24treasures said...

so glad you received the ornament. I hope you enjoy it. I will pray for Em's teacher's husband as well. I pray he receives a full recovery.
Your poem was amazing!

Anonymous said...


What can I say, you have blessed me so much as a blogging buddy! I nominated you for a nice matters award.

Leslie said...

I love your poem, it sure hits home over here! So much to do, so little energy, ha ha! I will pray for Em's teacher's family. Love your new look!

Christy said...

I am so sorry to hear about Emily's teachers hubby. That is horrible but we will keep him in our prayers.

Love your little creative poem. I am the worst poet in the world so I appreciate your abilities in this area. Love the ornament. Do you know where Connie got it? I will have to ask her. Very cute!!

Dont feel too bad. I literally have not bought one gift-- not one. I am behind but I will catch up. Dont stress-- just enjoy!!

Christy :)

Jodee Leader said...

I love your poem! I also love your new holiday blog look!


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