Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Emily decided this weekend that it was high time we make a pumpkin pie. We wrote out our list, went to the grocery store, she found everything we would need and even some extras to make pumpkin muffins. Now understand, Emily has earned herself the name "Petunia Pickypants". Though never a big eater, Emily was a good eater. And then...well, no one is quite sure when the change occurred, but Petunia came to live with us. So, her request to make a pumpkin pie was paramount.

We really had a wonderful time baking. I was still feeling under the weather, so it was a perfect way to spend our day. Hannah would come in and check on us, but she was much more interested in a finished product than the baking process:) The pie turned out perfect in every way, as did the muffins. When the time came to cut our pie and eat dessert, Emily was first, and she was positively giddy with delight, tasting first the small dollup of cool whip and then biting wholeheartedly into her creation. Then there was the face (Moms, you know the face). Then, the ever so small choking noise, followed by more face and she declares, "MMmmm delicious, cough, cough." Meanwhile Hannah is yelling, "MO PIE!"(more pie, please) Our sweet Emily was not finished, she would try that slice of pie three more times before waving the white flag and sadly stating, "But Mommy, I wanted to like it so much - I really did want to like it." So, what am I thankful for? - I am thankful that Emily wants to try new things. Petunia Pickypants wants to broaden her horizons and venture outside her box, for this I am thankful!

I am thankful for hot showers, warm beds and snuggly coats that keep the cold away from our bodies. As the chill nips our noses, I am ultimately aware of so many that do not have the blessings of shelter or clothing.

I am thankful for the missions in our area, who seek to help people in any and every way they can.

I am thankful my pantry is full. I am thankful I have the opportunity to take things from our pantry that others may be fed. One of my all time favorite activities with the youth was the Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt - the kids were not permitted to return to the church until they had acquired every item necessary to make a Thanksgiving dinner. I recall the one year we collected over fifty turkeys in one night - we ran out of room and had to send them home with people to be brought back the next day.

I am thankful for all the distance covered since Hannah arrived home. When I think back to that little girl who could not move but to pivot in a small circle and now see her doing somersaults, it amazes me. Her once jelly legs and arms are now strong and developed. She rides her quad with joy and balance. She hops and skips and jumps...we are truly thankful.

This is Molly (she is our four pound poodle, who just turned 12)

This is Hannah, always calling for Molly

"MEEEEE MOLL" (Come Here Molly, accompanied by two slaps on her little thigh)

I'm thankful that we have blessings to count, that this year our family was made complete. I am thankful there is so much to be thankful for...


Danielle said...


I was wondering if Emily would like the pie. Tell her that I made a pumpkin pie last year and I really wanted to like it, but I just didn't. I actually thought it was really awful. J liked it - so it was supposedly a good pumpkin pie...I just learned that I do NOT like pumpkin pie. It's wet and strange.

I'm an apple pie sort of gal.



mommy24treasures said...

what a lovely list, again! We are so blesssed that our pantries are full. I am so thankful we are blessed and have the means to help others this Thanksgiving and holiday season as well.
That! is a great idea for the youth group!~ I am so sorry Emily did not like the pie when she wanted toso badly. sweet girl. I am glad she had so much fun helping to prepare it, that is half the fun anyway.
I am sorry you still feel a bit under the weather, I hope you fell 100% next Thursday and are able to be thankful you are all the way well!

Ashley Winters said...

My 'picky eater' also loves to help me bake and cook. It's a great way to motivate them to eat more - usually!!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Hi Heather,
I am glad you captured your baking on camera. I loved reading more about it and how you found so many sweet blessings in it. You and your girls are so sweet I might be able to forego dessert. :o) Unless it is chocolate...

Thank you for reminding us so beautifully our blessings are bountiful. If we have a PC to be blogging, a digital camera to be posting pictures with, etc., we're blessed more than we realize. How many times I complain because my PC is too slow, the camera isn't good enough, blah, blah, blah. I have food, I have clothes, I have a bed. I should remember daily that many don't!

Love you,

Linette said...

Great post Heather! I love the pictures of you baking with the girls. There's nothing like spending time together in the kitchen. :) You're so right in that we're so very blessed. We take so many things for granted that many people don't have.
My Hannah is a picky eater too and she's never liked pumpkin pie. We'll see if she tries it this year or not. ;)

Lori said...

Oh Heather, I loved reading your list and the pumpkin pie adventure! How wonderful for Miss Em to want to bake a pie!
Thanks for reminding me of the many simple and wonderful things to be thankful for.
Molly is so adorable!!
And Hannah and her "mo pie!!" is beyond precious! :)

Sheri said...

Thank you for a wonderful list that reminded me of some very important things to be thankful for. I loved the whole story of Em and the pie. I was laughing out loud about her first bite--what a great description! ;) It is so great that she is at least trying new things. What a blessing that Hannah has progressed so much. It's amazing what a loving home can do for a little one. Praise the Lord! He has blessed us all with so much.

Leslie said...

I love this list Heather. I have been echoing the same things in my mind when I turn the heat up because it is getting chilly. For a while I served meals at our church on Saturdays. You truly see the need for a hot meal and friendship. Love how Em tried the pie, I have never liked pumkin pie, bless her heart for trying it! So glad that Hannah is doing well, it amazes me how far these little girls can come in such a short amount of time. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Jake and Taryn said...

I love your pictures! The baking with your girls looks like a blast! What a hoot about the pumpkin pie! :) Your dog is so adorable too!

Kimber said...


Thank you for the sweet card you sent me!!!! It came today. I do not have access to any of my addresses, home numbers or e-mail addresses because they are all stored on my computer which is in the shop.

Your list is wonderful. I love the pumpkin pie story:0 So cute.

I am amzaed that Hannah can do somersaults, run, hop and skip! She must be quite a little gymnast. Kate is not there at all. In fact, she is still a very clumsy walker.

Hope you are feeling better:)


redmaryjanes said...

How wonderful that you were able to bake together. My grandmother is going to teach my step-daughter and cousin how to make pumpkin pie tomorrow am. I hope that you are feeling better soon and enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving.

Jodee Leader said...

Heather -- thanks for the comment you left me. I wanted to let you know that Old Navy and Gap have holiday PJs in lots of different colors.


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