Monday, November 26, 2007

Wuv Voooooo and Other Hannahisms

Hannah is such a mimic these days and she finds the humor in everything. This weekend, she decided to adopt one of Emily's backpacks. She puts it on (with help of course:)and goes to get a hat, and then fills a basket with toys and puts that over her arm, and proudly professes, "Skkkoooooool, buh bye!"

She is learning the art of sharing (insert laughter, lots of it)and has perfected the shrill sound of "MINE" while smothering said item against her itty bitty self. In all honesty though, she is getting better about sharing and will trade items; Emily has actually worked hard being a good role model and teacher. I think Emily sees it as a challenge and wants Hannah to learn from her.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with Daddy's family at Grammy's house. Both girls thoroughly enjoyed Thanksgiving and are extremely eager to decorate for Christmas. Mommy is too!

But my biggest joy came this morning. Now, Hannah is excellent at telling us when she needs to have her diaper changed, she definitely understands directions and she gives hugs and kisses much more freely now, so there is no doubt we have good communication. BUT this morning, as she settled down for a nap, I said, as I always do, "I love youuu." And for the first time, she smiled one of her killer smiles and sang out, "Wuuv vooooooooooooo, Mommy." Probably scared the poor kid out of eight years growth when I let out a whoop and ran back to squeeze her another few times. What a wonderful way to begin a day!


Cammie said...

What a precious moment! You will remember that forever! I cannot wait to hear those words come out of my darling Kaylee's mouth! Right now I have to settle for 'hi', 'bye' and 'uh-oh'!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


I am so happy for you. That just seems to make everything all right, doesn't it. When Lindy does that I squeeze her like it is never going to happen again. I never want to take hearing that for granted.

Thank you for sharing Hannah with us. I love her and Em!!! They looked so pretty in their outfits, too.

I'm going to try to call soon.

Love you,

DiJo said...

PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh, I can't wait until Ruby says that for the first time!!!! The girls are ADORABLE in their Matilda Jane clothes too!!!! You are all inspiring me to get some clothes for the girls too!
It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

mommy24treasures said...

oh very precious...

They are beautiful in their dresses.

Jodee Leader said...

That is just adorable! I love their dresses too!

Sheri said...

There is nothing like hearing those words for the very first time!! The girls look so cute in their Matilda Jane dresses. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and that the girls are looking forward to decorating with you. More precious memories in the making!

chloesmama said...

That is great! Chloe's never said any version of "I love you" yet, so I can just imagine how excited you were! WOW! I love the new look of your blog, by the way! :)

sheryl said...

Oh what a sweet moment! There is nothing more precious than that! Sweet, sweet Hannah. And Emily continues to touch me with her big sister ways and patience with her baby sister. What special girls you have!

BTW, I love the girls' dresses, very vintage. Do you sew?

sheryl said...

I forgot to mention that I LOVE your new blog look! And your song too - it's one of my all time favorites and playing on my blog too! :D

redmaryjanes said...

It is priceless to hear those words. I love the little dresses on your girls.

Danielle said...

So sweet. I love the girls' little outfits. I did see the photos you sent. So cute! I still had the link.

So what do you think of your blog? I have to say I'm loving all the Christmas cheer!

Again - can't thank you enough for last night.



Leslie said...

Oh what a precious gift! I can never hear those words enough! The girls look adorable in their Matilda Jane. Thanks so much for your friendship Heather and your sweet messages, you are a ray of sunshine!

Christy said...

I love that!!! HOw totally cute and doesnt that just melt your heart!! I cant wait till I get to hear those words from Mia. Awwwww!!! Your girls look so darn cute and I love the backpack story. Oh the fine art of sharing!!

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving and glad you are starting Chrsitmas decorating. I love that too!!

Christy :)

Linette said...

How SWEET! There's nothing better than hearing I love you! And the girls dresses are beautiful. Did you make them?


Lori said...

Oohhh Heather, how sweeeeeet!! Yea!!! it brought tears to my eyes to read that, what an incredibly special moment. :)
I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, the girls look beautiful!!

Kimber said...


Oh my I have tears in my eyes!!! Tears of joy for you! I have been waiting for Kate to tell me that she loves me. I sign it to her everyday (many times and say it). I know your heart must have explded with joy.

I keep thinking Kate will say it to Dave first;)

Love the MJ clothes!



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