Thursday, July 5, 2007


Happy Fourth of July!

How appropriate that Hannah would take her first unassisted steps on the birthday of our great country!

I pause to think about our freedom and I am so incredibly thankful. Thank you to all of our service men and women, here in the states... and in far away places that we cannot imagine or fathom. Your service, integrity, dedication and selflessness is appreciated. My father served in the military. When my grandfather went home to be with Jesus this spring, we found some pretty awesome pictures of my dad in uniform. It made me proud, a bit teary-eyed and thankful that he never had to fight the hard fights... that he is here with us today.

Our Hannah has found freedom in mobility these last few weeks, but in her journey to us, she will have a different kind of freedom - how blessed we are to share that gift with her. She will be free to worship as she chooses, free to learn and grow, free to be an all American girl, if she so chooses. Somehow, this year became more technicolor with the addition of our spicy little girl. This fourth, rain and cold dampened our day, but certainly not our spirits. We went to the parade, jackets and sweaters in tow and we will go to the rescheduled fireworks, so that Hannah might utter her first "ooooohhhhh and ahhhh" and begin the traditions that endear our hearts. I grew up in a small town that prides itself on the celebration of our country, it's still always good to "go home"!

All set for my first Fourth of July (the night before!)

It was a dark and stormy day....but they look pretty happy!

Em made brownies with red, white and blue m & m's for the occasion (I interrupted her fabulous reenactment of Bambi to get the cooking done!)

The rain cleared just long enough for some fun on the porch and then it was back inside for the rest of the day!



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