Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Antics of Two Little Ladybugs!

"Practice Makes Perfect" (or something like that!) I need to practice with blogging, so bear with me as I make entries to learn rather than for content. I am hoping the subject matter is cute, I mean good, enough to hold your interest until I get better at this!

You vacuum, Mommy - I'll wipe up!

I was holding Hannah while I ran the vacuum the other day and she kept telling me "Downnnnn!" (which sounds strangely similar to "Dogggggg" but the sign is different and that's how we can tell)(yes, she does add many syllables at this point) Anyway, I placed her on the floor by her favorite toys and honest, I only had 1/3 of the room left to do, but when I turned around, she had toddled over to the table, grabbed the tissues, unloaded most of them and then she began to wipe the furniture and herself and ended by wiping her nose (which did not need wiping). I have to say, I was in a complete fit of laughter by this point because it was so cute. I was reminded of Emily at the same exact age, who did something very similar with a roll of toilet paper - I still have that photo framed or I would have scanned it. Babies are babies - doesn't matter where they were born!

Hmm, cute toy...

Oh look, she has the camera!

And she is off!!

Coming in for the close up!

Now that Hannah is so mobile, the days of sitting for a nice picture are over! Once she realizes the camera is out--she is up, usually pushing Emily out of her way and she comes in for the kill! Emily thinks it is a riot.


After Emily's Kindergarten Interview the other day (could she really be old enough for Kindergarten?) she wanted to drop by Build-A-Bear. That would be fun...and it was. Emily "built" a hippo. When we got home, we were playing in the living room and then I went in to make dinner. Emily stayed so she could "mommy" the hippo and take good care of her. Hannah was with me, so when I heard the jumperoo, I was confused. I go into the living room and there is our kindergartener...hippo in the jumperoo (thank goodness, not Emily) and she is seeing how far she can catapult the hippo across the room (she did NOT learn that technique from her mommy!) Yes, I believe she is ready to tackle the world.


Kimber said...

Too funny about catapulting the hippo. That is EXACTLY what Will and Harry would do!
Thinking about you too. Just too busy to pick up the phone much these days:(


Nesting For Natalie said...


How darling your lady bugs are. Love your new blog :). May I add it to my links?


Rodrigo said...

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