Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who, Me???

I was flattered, honored and surprised when Amy over at Nesting for Natalie nominated me for a Rockin' Blogger girl award. (Many, many thanks) But you see, this is a woman who daily inspires, challenges and speaks to the hearts of others. Her journey is complex, yet beautiful and I check her blog everyday. Her writing is the finest I have ever known, so, my friend if it is okay, I would nominate you right back because you are so deserving of the praise and commendations of those whom you touch.

I have not even finished a list of my favorite links, sites and blogs. The adoption world has not only granted us the desires of our heart, but it has also opened for us a door to other families, people whom we would never have crossed paths if not for this common denominator. I am so grateful for these families, for their stories, their sorrows and most of all their joys. We pray together, laugh about parenting, ask questions, rejoice in the highlights of our children's lives, regardless of the manner in which our children entered our world. It is a community that humbles me and causes me great thanksgiving.

Soon, I will be posting a list of my favorite blogs ( I want to request permission first), so that others may share the joy of this special community of people. In the meantime, thank you Amy, I am grateful and as a true novice blogger, feel very unmerited in such a distinction. You, on the other hand, now, you rock!!


Debbie said...

I came across your blog from Nesting for Natalie. I love what you have done. Would you mind allowing me to link your blog on mine?? Please email me with your answer.


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