Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

"Blessed is the man whose strength is in You." Psalm 84:5

Tomorrow is my husband's 41st birthday. I am thankful for him. I have no flowery words or long dissertation for this event. I love him, simple as that. Even with flaws and imperfections, we see the beauty in each other. I am thankful for him. For whatever reason, we complete one another and I would not want to face this world without him.

Today a dear, dear friend of Rob's family was killed in the line of duty. Chris, a police officer, was a dedicated public servant. He had a wicked sense of humor and an undying love for the woman he married seventeen years ago. Besides all of these things, he was a father, a devoted, hard-working father who loved his babies. 16, 13 and 12, his children will now go on without his physical presence. His spouse, Suzanne, a beautiful wife and mother who adores her husband and her children with all of herself is left to pick up the pieces. She is strong, she will do just that... but with a broken heart. Today, of all days, I am thankful for my husband. Our prayers and love extend to Suzanne, their children, their families and a community devastated with the loss of one of their own, during a routine traffic stop.

Life is fragile.
Rob, in case I haven't told you lately, I love you. I am so thankful for you.


John & Michelle said...

I am so sorry about this. I will add the family to my prayers tonight.
from Tennessee,

Shelly and Family said...

Happy Birthday Rob....!

And how sad about what happen to this family. I can't even begin to imagine...My heart is so going out to them right now....

DiJo said...

Hi Heather!
I am just catching up on your beautiful postings!!!
I am so sorry about your friend. Heart breaking doesn't begin to describe it... I know you will be such an encouragement to this family!

Your heart is so special Heather. Thank you for sharing it always! And, thank you for your prayers!


sara said...

Thanks for the reminder that life is very fragile and to tell the ones we love how much they mean to us...

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. So sorry for your family friend who recently lost his life so tragically and for his family & friends. May they be blessed with strength during this difficult time.

Kate said...


I am so sorry for your loss. This officer seems like he was respected from both colleagues and the public. We have been so sad to watch all of the news reports...a hero for sure whose life was cut tragically short.

His family...and all those who feel his loss are in our prayers...


Michelle said...

Oh Heather,
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, and the loved ones he left behind. I will include his family in my prayers.

I hope that your husband is able to enjoy his 41st birthday! He is a special man to have found you!

Michelle said...

Hi Heather,
Pop over when you get a moment, please! ;)

Angie said...

Happy Birthday to Rob!

I am so sorry to hear about your friends passing. I can't imagine what his wife and children are going through...I will certainly add them to my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Haether, I am so sorry to hear about the family who you mentioned.

Happy 41st Birthday to your Rob!


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