Monday, January 19, 2009

The Mayor

As we embark today on a new administration of government leaders, I am mindful we need to be praying for our leadership. As much as I would have had fears either way the election was resolved, my conservative roots have had their ego bruised, but certainly not beaten. So, I am committing myself to prayer for the state of our nation.

On the homefront, we have our own small, raven-haired cutie-pie to contend with. Somehow, somewhere during the translation in China, Hannah's caregivers referred to her as "The Mayor". Her paperwork also referenced her mayoral attributes. I have to admit, at first we weren't quite sure which qualities were most administrative about our little lovely. But as we see Hannah bloom and grow, we see...

the glorious trait of tenacity
(she is capable of making a demand hundreds of times if necessary)

the miracle of humor and laughter
(no one sings nursery rhymes the way she does)

the advanced artform that is negotiation
("...pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase, I clean up mine own mess")

the gift that is compassion and passion
("I love my mommy, daddy and Emmy and don't forbet God, oh yeah and Jesus too")

the amazingness of problem solving far beyond her little years
(How many chairs does it take to get to the popsicles at the tippy top of the freezer?)

the strength that can only come from the God we love
("I am stronger willed than you are Mom")

the remarkable ability to tell anyone and everyone "NO!"
(Oh yeah, you have been there!)

the gift of encouragement
("Wow, Mommy, you vaccuum very much good")

the gift of public speaking
(very loud and even a bit inappropriate, at times)

the desire to help her fellow man
(this includes Mommy:)

the love of the finer things in life
(girlfriend loves her some bling!)

As we approach the two year anniversary of Hannah's referral, I get emotional thinking about the time when I wondered what her very eyes looked like. Now, I gaze into them sure of what I did not know then. The mayor brings us joy we could not have imagined. Her sense of self is secure. She knows who her family is. I marvel at the process that is parenthood. Both of our children, I can easily say, I would have chosen, had God not been so gracious in sending them to us. I look at Hannah's future, bright with the promise of all of these gifts and thank God that she possesses each and every one.


Michelle said...

Wow, Heather!! You did "very much good", once again! I loved reading about your beautiful little mayor. She, too, will love reading this one day.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

Anonymous said...

God bless the ladybug mayor!

blessed by jenna's love said...


I remember that referral day too. God has blessed many families in our travel group.

I love to follow your story here.

Terry Jenna and Dale

blessed by jenna's love said...


I remember that referral day too. God blessed many families in our travel group.

I love following your story here.

Terry, Jenna and Dale

Jboo said...

What a great post! You put such a positive spin on each and every one of the mayor's attributes! Both of your girls are simply adorable!


Lori said...

How blessed you are with your "mayor" ladybug. :)

Lori said...

ps your new blog look is beautiful!!

Shelly and Family said...

Here's the your Mayor! (that was just so stinkin cute!)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Heather she is darling....I love your little Mayor!

Joy in The Truth said...

OK, another great picture! (can you be our personal photographer!?!?)

And....Hannah has our vote for sure! :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I wish she was the mayor of our town!! She is too cute:)


Linette said...

Oh Heather...I loved reading this. I was smilint the whole time. :)
What a sweet little mayor you have!

Linette said...

Oops! I meant SMILING. :)

missy said...

Oh, I just love your little mayor! She is just perfect in every way. This was such a sweet post. What a doll she is and you are, too!

3 Peanuts said...

What a clever, timely and loving post. Hannah is juts darling:) (And so is her Mommy)


Kristy said...

Heather what a beautiful picture! And again an amazing post. When I was reading at the bottom of your post about looking into the eyes of you babygirl, I got goosebumps because now that we are close to getting our babygirl I am letting myself imagine what her eyes will look like...I daydream about them all the time. I just can't wait to see her face. Somehow right now the day of our referral is even more important that the day we actually get her, I know that sounds weird , but I just can't wait to see her face. I know you know what I mean.....

Love and blessings, Kristy

mommy24treasures said...

what a perfect post:) I loved reading the little things that make your Hannah so special and unique:)


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