Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I know. It has been a long time since I did a Thankful Thursday. But, I am feeling grateful for all the blessings in our life.

I am thankful for friends. Treasured friends from years past to new friends we've just made...they are all special. We recently attended a graduation party for one of my former youth group girlies. It was awesome! There is something about seeing them all grown up. Some are dating, some are graduating with their Master's degrees, some are finding new jobs or homes. I love seeing their lives unfold and the choices they are making. I love the way they love our children. The following day we had lunch with some others in the photo!

Megan, Jack Jr., Alissa (holding Hannah) Emily and I, Jacquelyn and Katie

Sweet friends of ours invited us to spend a couple of days with them at the beach. It was pure bliss. We had a great time and were simply happy to just be alongside our friends. Emily said we could have done absolutely nothing the whole time and she still would have had the best time ever. Thank you friends, we are so very grateful. There were some incredibly special moments during our time together...those I will save for a separate post. They are worth the wait. ;)

Emily and Gabrielle

Hannah, Gabrielle, Emily, Anna, Joshua

Joshua, Jim and Gabrielle on the Sea Dragon (our boring family said no thank you :)

I am thankful for family reunions. My family has them pretty frequently, but a few weeks ago, we got to meet some of Rob's extended family. It was a gorgeous day in a gorgeous location. We had a great time, and the kids totally enjoyed themselves. Emily reunited with a couple of long-distance cousins she had not seen since Rob's grandfather passed away. It was like time had stood still.

Sage, Hannah and Emily

Emily and Sage...they are now corresponding via email (so cute!)

I want to be where the big girls are!

Hannah going warp speed on her Plasma car

Emily and Charlotte

I am thankful for swimming lessons, playdates, VBS and camps...but, honestly, I love the simplicity of summer. I like that although we plan plenty of visiting and activities, there is some down time to read, reflect and be outside. The girls went on their first fishing trip last week with the help of Rob's Uncle Scott and Em caught her first sunny! That girl can cast a line!!! Next time, different bait and different location to see if her sister can snag a few.

I caught my first fish!!! (I know it is hard to see, but it is there!)

I am thankful for juicy watermelon, big fat blueberries, sunshine, chlorine, family, friends, bicycles and fireflies. God bless summer!


Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Oh love this post and the pictures! Jim and the cherubs like them, too. My mom likes the one of Hannah's bumper. And my mom can't believe you already have pix up from the other day (she is amazed and understandably baffled by such technology!).

Oh favorite part of summer are the SIMPLE PLEASURES! (doing a post soon on that)

Love you guys! We just made Sloppy Joes for dinner...we are off to the boardwalk...yes, for more rides. Ahhh...the bliss. I, personally, will be keeping my feet on the ground! :)

We love you and miss you! So enjoyed your time here! Love you!

Michelle said...

I am thankful for wonderful friends like YOU!!!!!!!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh how fun.... It is such a blessing to be able to share new times with old friends.
Love all the pics and as always your girls are oh, so beautiful.
I hope you keep having a wonderful summer filled with new memories to cherish.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Summer is my favorite season of all! I love all of the fruit and just lazying around outside.

You know....Emily has changed so much in her little face. She is blossoming into quite a beautiful young girl isn't she? She has always been beautiful....she has the softest expressions.

Beth said...

FUN FUN FUN!!! I love the fish photo! Now there is a natural beauty!

day by day said...
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day by day said...

What wonderful photos of fun times with family and friends!! Such a special blessing to be able to share time with your friends.

I used to do Thankful Thursdays all the time....I need to start doing them again!

I am glad you are having a great summer!

I want to thank-you for your kind words on my last post....they mean so much to me! ((hugs))

mommy24treasures said...

The girls look so beautiful:) I am so glad eveyrone is feeling better.
What wonderful times you have been having:)
You have such a beautiful heart Heather, thank you for sharing.

2China4Ayla said...

I love this post too - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Summer!!!! It makes me so happy! Loved Emily's first fish pic. SWEET!!!!


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