Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I love to read. Yet, time has been tight, so my books continue to sit...dusty, at times and forlorn looking as the pages remain still, waiting. One thing I do manage to read everyday is my Jesus Calling devotional. Sometimes, I sit on one devotional for days, reading the others and keeping up, but referring back to one that speaks to my heart or one that I know God wants to lay on my heart. This statement, keeps reverberating in my mind and spirit, "Thankfulness awakens you to my Presence, which overshadows all of your problems." It is true.

In the essence of that statement, today I am thankful for

This has been a summer of events, plans and fun activities. We have enjoyed the company of so many loved ones. This past week, we were blessed to be with friends we have grown to love and with new friends God placed gently in our lives through blogging (go figure!) Sharon's daughter and Emily go to school together and so, we have enjoyed cultivating a beautiful friendship this past year. Jill and I found each other through adoption and miraculously, all of us were tethered together, that we might be friends. Jill stepped out in faith and invited us to their home on Sunday and we had a wonderful time together.

Friday marks the day my nephew leaves for college. (sniff, sniff) We celebrated his birthday Friday evening. His girlfriend asked me what I was doing nineteen years ago when he was born...truth be told, he was born early in the morning and well, I was sleeping. But I do remember my mother coming into my room early that same morning, sitting on my bed, and telling me that Andrew had joined this crazy world. I remember holding him that evening for the first time and he was perfect. Simply perfect. I remember wanting to be a mother because of the love I felt for this little boy. I remember when he was two, they visited me as I completed an internship in Disney World and Andrew asked one million questions, in his quirky toddler speak. I remember when he held my baby...a middle school student, kind and compassionate, looking into her eyes the way I had looked at him. I remember the first time I saw him play the saxaphone, I got chills and tears rolled down my cheeks as he stood self-assured and boldly in front of the crowd.

Now, he is nineteen, the age I was when he was born. He is ready. It is time. I pray God walks him through this experience, that he will make good choices, good friends and wonderful memories. I hope he knows how much we will miss him, but how grateful we are that he is following his dreams. God Speed, Andy. I love you, kiddo.

Families being made...
This week we learned of two friends who received amazing news. Laura is awaiting a son from Vietnam (sweetheart that she is, she emailed me a sneak peek at her beautiful boy). What a blessing for this wonderful family. Annslee, their daughter, will be a fabulous big sister and we are sure Mom and Dad have not touched ground yet. Congratulations!!! You can visit them and send some love:)

Sara, another friend, was blessed with a referral for adorable Mya, who is waiting in China for Mommy, Daddy and two big brothers. I have visited Sara (via bloggityville) watching the months tick by and was elated this week when her announcement popped up! I would encourage a visit to Sara as well - she is an amazing encourager and sister in Christ. Their family is overjoyed with the impending arrival of their daughter and sister, Mya.

I don't know how it happened but both of our little ladybugs have this incredible joy in their hearts. They are forever up to something to bring forth the giggles. I could document all the Emmy and Hannah-isms, but wouldn't even know where to begin. I know something would get lost in the translation, so I will post some recent pictures of the bugs and let you imagine for yourself:)


Kate said...


What a lovely post to start my day with! Celebrating all these things with you...but I especially love the picture of the "bugs"....they do most definitely look like a dynamic duo full of fun!


Jill said...


As you know I am forever grateful that God has used blogging to bring forth friends into our life! I am so touched by your heart and how you show His love so beautifully through words and action!

Thank you for this beautiful post! I love the bugs and they sure know how to bring on the giggles!

Big hugs and lots of love today!

redmaryjanes said...

Life is good! You do have a beautiful family. The girls are getting bigger all the time.

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Thankful Thursday indeed! We just arrived home where I found beautiful flowers, a lovely card, and delightful tea bags on my porch! Thank you! As soon as I saw the package, I said "Heather"!

Thankful Thursday...thankful for you and your family! :) Thankful God has brought us together as friends and sisters.

Humbled that you would take precious time to bless me so beautifully today.

Your cherubs are gorgeous! Love the pictures! :)

Love, Me

Michelle said...

What wonderful blessings to be thankful for - friends, family and referrals!! Your "bugs" are beautiful!!

sara said...


the picture of Emily in the pool is breathtaking!!

Thank you for your thurday list & for the humble reminder of all that we have to be thankful for!

You are such a blessing!

Sheri said...

I can't believe your hubby went to school in Williamsport. We will definitely have to get together if we are in the area again, which I think we will be because the boys want to go back every year!

Loving the great pictures of your ladybugs. They are both breathtaking in their own special ways. God has truly blessed your family with joy and laughter.

Have a great weekend!


Leslie said...

Heather you are just so special to me! I bet in real life you are even sweeter!
Love your list as always.
We too watched out nephew go off to college this week, sniff sniff and his birthday is tomorrow, first one away from home. Where has the time gone?
The girls are just so beautiful and look so happy!
Glad to catch up with you!

missy said...

Great post, Heather. I love how you are so thankful for your friends and family. You have a very blessed life. Love the pictures of the bugs ; )

mommy24treasures said...

lovely post:)
I think it is so wonderful you and Jil met because of blogging! Amazing. Her family is so precious. I love her inspiring posts.
What prety pics you ahve posted HEather. Just beautiful.

Oatsvall Team said...

You always make me reflect on the things I am thankful for ... So many and it is fun to just list them and realize how amazing God is ... I have decided to start writing in my Jesus Calling book this Nov. 8th (Maggie's 1st Gotcha Day) ... I love JC and it has changed my quiet time (as I have posted about so much) and I want to start journaling what God is doing in my life on these days and how He speaks to me ... I AM THANKFUL FOR JESUS CALLING ...

3 Peanuts said...

You re blessed because you bless others too:) I love you TT post this week.


my3 kids said...

What beautiful little girls you have. Both so cute.

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


You always have the BEST TT posts. I love all the wonderful things you've reminded your blog buddies to be thankful for.

You are beautiful, my friend.

Love you,

Denise C said...

What a precious "Thankful" post, Heather! I too LOVE my Jesus Calling!!! Seems to always be just the words I need for the day!
God always meets me right where I need HIM! What a loving Father He is!

And as for the abundant JOY in your little ladybugs...well, it comes from HIM and from their precious Mommy and Daddy! What blessed little girls they are to have such precious parents who love them "All the way to Heaven and Back" as my Chelsi says every day many many times!!

Love you, sweet friend!

Lori said...

Oh I can just imagine the joy and laughter that goes on in your home!! Those are two precious and joy-filled little girls!! :)

Catherine said...


What a beautiful post. I appreciate the quote and it's very appropriate today. Thank you!

Your ladybugs are adorable and such precious gifts from God!

How exciting to hear that you did a Disney internship. Fun!! Sat beside a dad on my flight home who had just dropped his son off for a Disney internship working as a lifeguard at Blizzard Beach. What a great 6 months he's going to have!

Off to check out your bloggy friends and congratulate them on their referrals.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh this made me so weepy! Such beautiful words you used...we are happy for Sara here at the Byrd's Nest too!

Great pictures of the little ones, they are always so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Heather I love the quote at the beginning. Beautiful post about the simple sweet things in life. That picture of Emily with her cute little smile is darling!

prechrswife said...

Precious post...It really is amazing how many connections are made through this crazy world of adoption (and blogging).


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