Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

First, I am thankful for a special birthday girl this week. My friend Lisa celebrates another beautiful year of her life and the entrance of a year that I pray will be filled with the most wonderful of surprises. Lisa and I have never officially met. We have exchanged cards and kindnesses, telephone conversations that have touched my soul and somehow a friendship has been formed, not a simple little relationship, but a union; An understanding that bears no need for explanations or formalities. I am thankful for people like Lisa who have the unique gift of encouragement and bless others in rich and tangible ways. Happy Birthday, Lis!

Then, I was most thankful for this little sweetie. We waited over two hours for a labwork appointment yesterday, as a result of the hospital's error. By the time we were finally called in, I had lost most of my fragment of patience that I had begun with and was feeling slightly frazzled. Our last appointment for bloodwork was very difficult. Hannah is tiny and her veins are incredibly difficult to find. In our pathway through international adoption, we have accepted it is a necessary evil to frequently test and ensure all her initial labwork was spot-on. So, this was a maintenence procedure, but I was dreading it. She was a champion in every single way. She gave her blood, received her pretty pink bandage and prize (a whistle) and walked out telling me, "Hannah fine, I fine - I walk myself." We turned the corner and she stopped suddenly, grabbed my leg, hugged me and said "Tank you for de whitsil Mommy. I lub it." (Thank you for the whistle, Mommy. I love it.) The resilence of children amazes me. This teeny tiny powerhouse rendered me speechless and glassy-eyed. Thank you, Hannah, thank for the gift you are to us.

Finally, there were countless other entries I could make today, but upon viewing the Chapman family don their armour and speak out about hope and faith in the midst of grief, I am thankful that I have a relationship with Jesus. Their honesty and candor is refreshing. The loss of their daughter is tragic. I have no words for this, but I do pray for them and for all struggling through attacks of the enemy. So, I choose to honor the very spirit of Maria Chapman...I will hold our little ladybugs a little closer, speak with them a little sweeter and love them in the fashion God designed, unconditionally. Thank you Chapman family for allowing us into the most personal of all places, for reminding us of the goal, the truth and for reminding us that proof of a living, loving God comes in the questions as well as the faith.


penny stock tips said...
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missy said...

Your post really touched me tonight. I have had a difficult day and you so eloquently stated what is really important. Thank you, friend!

mommy24treasures said...

oh Heather I know I say it alot, but you continue to amaze me and touch me... you have SUCH a gift with your words. You are such a special person.

Denise C said...

Dearest Heather....what a precious post about what really matters...I too was deeply touched by the sweet Chapman family in LK...and how they displayed their beautiful Faith in our precious Lord so openly and honestly....for all the world to see....God was so perfectly honored....and Heaven will be fuller because of this family!

Thank you for sharing your precious heart!!!
Love you,

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Sweet Heather....again, peace fills my heart reading your posts. Love you!

I have been crying pools of tears of sadness and of thankfulness as the Chapman family courageously shares their story and their faith in God. Amazing.

We are thankful, too, for sweet Hannah...and for your whole family!


Kate said...


So much to be thankful always your eyes and heart are pointed upward in thanksgiving. I am glad Hannah endured through those very difficult tests..and what a sweet sister piture. Good friends make our lives so rich...each one a precious rose....

The heartwrenching and yet uplifting...such a testament...

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day with your precious girls...

nikki said...

It is GOOD to give thanks!
That post was so beautiful.
I'm so glad "Hannah fine"...sweet precious girl.

And, I couldn't agree more about the Chapman family, and Mary Beth.

Oatsvall Team said...

there is so much to be thankful for ... i was so proud of my friends during their interview ... their strength and faith is real ... they have changed our life more than any other family and we continue to pray for them ... i love how so many are honoring them by remembering Maria and praying for them ...

love all your pictures !!!

Elaine said...

I ran across your blog as I was reading comments on Nate's and Tricia's (Confessions of a CFHusband). I was compelled to click on your link and just had to tell you What a beatiful family you have.
God Bless,
Elaine from Montana

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


What a beautiful post (despite my ugly mug popping up). Your words always pull at my heartstrings. God has bestowed many gifts upon you and you use them well.

I love you,

The Byrd Family said...

Poor little thing, their little veins are SO small. I love the picture of your girls and as always I LOVE the red hair!

The Chapman's families strength is remarkable and a blessing to all of us. We continue to pray for healing for them.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful post - both the pictures of your stunning girls and your words. Simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just hate the blood work stuff. Ugggg!!! Sounds like your little one is such a trooper.

I love your writing and am not sure if I have ever told you so?! The beauty of your ladybugs always gets to me, as the last picture you posted.

Finally, what a comfort to know there are those who pray when we mourn. The Chapmans have entered a grief I can't comprehend, and I the only comfort in it is knowing they kow our God, who is so much more then any of us comprehend, to bring them to morning. Praying with you for them.

redmaryjanes said...

Lisa is a wonderful person. You are lucky to have her as a friend.
And life truly is incredibly sweet when you stop and take the time to count your blessings.

mommy24treasures said...

look at you already for fall! Beautiful! BUT, I would appreciate it not being here quite yet please!;)
Allow me to enjoy just a litle more summer:)


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