Friday, July 18, 2008

Out of School and In the Pool!

Little did we know what God was doing many years ago, when I met Gerry. Gerry was a home therapist for Ray before I ever even happened upon the scene. In fact, Gerry's daughter Brie was one of the first to work with Ray. Gerry is a woman whom you just want to be around. She is a true servant, a wonderful mother and grandmother, one of the finest hostesses ever and a faithful, faithful friend. Her faith needs no explanation, she and Jim live it every single day of their lives.

As many of you recall, Jim accompanied Rob to China (these two men had only met once when they boarded that plane for Beijing). He is a man of honor. His dedication to his wife, family and his remarkably difficult job is endless and his devotion to God even more amazing. Jim is recovering from a bone marrow donation that took place last week. As if travelling around the world to help a friend receive their baby doesn't earn him sainthood, I believe the donation just might:)

We spent some time with Gerry, Jim, Brie and Josh this week and needless to say a good time was had by all.

Aunt Gerry

Sometimes Emily takes my very breath away

Brie and Emily racing (check out Emily's arm, girlfriend is trying to win!)

They shared a lot of giggles; Brie and her husband are teachers, when she broke out the Hannah Montana and Camp Rock tunes, Emily placed her somewhere in the realm of perfect!

I love watching Jim's reactions to Hannah - he was one of the first to hold her, talk with her, get her to smile and he still has a way with her - she was grinning up at us in this picture

To Infinity...

And Beyond!!

Little Waterbaby!(splashing Daddy:)


sba loan said...
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prechrswife said...

Love the pictures! I especially like the ones of Hannah and her daddy. Too sweet... :-)

Linette said...

Oh I love these pool pics Heather! Your Hannah looks like mine and has no fear of the water. :) Have a great weekend, friend!

missy said...

We had a pool day today, too. Isn't it just delightful? You have such a beautiful family. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Carol said...

OMG...your girls are sweet!!!

Sheri said...

What a blessing to have such wonderful people in your lives. The picture of Em is just precious, and Hannah and her daddy are just too sweet for words.

It was fun at Dawn's shower today! Have a great weekend.

Jodee Leader said...

Great water pictures! Your girls are just adorable!

Cyndi said...

Looks like some good summer fun. Your girls are beautiful!!!! Enjoy the rest of the summer it is sneaking away fast.

DiJo said...

I am finally surfacing from last week's sadness and I am checking in on my Blog Girlfriends! I love your beach pictures! Perhaps that is what I need.. One week at the beach with the girls!!! Sounds wonderful! You have such a way with words Heather! I wish you would write a book. I could see myself sitting in my chair at the cabin soaking it all in! I hope you are visiting a mutual friend of ours in TX in the fall!!!!


ok, you have love how God places those special people in your life!! what great pool pictures ... you have to read my post from Sunday ... i just know you fall into the CRAZY category w/ me ...

have a great week !!!

mommy24treasures said...


Michelle said...

Thanks for the kind comments. I would be honored if you add me to your blogroll.

Your girls are just adorable!! I also love how you have a prayer list on your blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Hey Heather,

I had wondered what your story about Jim was. Had no idea it was this cool and interconnected. Talk about red thread...I am glad you have such lovely friends. They sound wonderful.

Glad you had some great times this weekend. Hannah looks a little too comfy in that pool. Is she a natural or just a dare devil?

Hope you're off to a great week.

Much love,

The Byrd Family said...

Look at that brave little angel. I love all of these pictures.

Denise C said...

Jim must be such a precious are all of his family! What heart for God this family has!
Being HIS hands and feet to the world is what it is all about...and Jim seems to have this down to a fine art! May god richly bless him and his precious family! your water babies are absolutely precious Heather! Oh my goodness....Miss Em and sweet little Hannah are so cute just swimming their little hearts out!
Love that smile on Daddy's face....could he be any more proud of his little doodle bug??
Love you, my sweet friend!


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