Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prayerful Thursday - Warning - it's a long one!

Well, I love that the Christmas season is in full swing. I don't love all the sad news we have received this season. My computer crashed several nights ago, and I have just received it back this evening. I have three prayer requests to send out there to any and all prayer warriors... I will try to keep it as short as possible (and not too confusing)

First, my father-in-law has begun an infection (cellulosis)since his knee replacement and is having trouble maneuvering, not because of the knee, but because of the infection - prayers for healing, so he can get back to the therapy and get back on his feet (he really wants to get back to work) - good attitude:)

Secondly, I have a second cousin, whom I adored growing up. He and his brother were just the sweetest boys, who turned into great men. They are younger than I and I can remember summers at the swim club with them. They are the sons of my mom's cousin. The younger of the two has been diagnosed with cancer. I do not wish to offer details but would offer that he and his wife are expecting their second little boy and he has radiation ahead of him and some heavy-duty intervention to get well. I would love to have people praying for their entire family as they go through this difficult time and as he heals.

Third and certainly not last, I love my aunt. She is a good aunt and is the mother of two of my dearest friends, my two cousins. My aunt's sister and brother in law live far away and are both pastors in a community church. They are magnificent people who live out the calling that Jesus gave them years ago, every single day. Well, several months ago, my aunt's sister began having these headaches and attacks - not normal headaches, imagine a migraine and then magnify the pain about 100 percent and that is what she has been experiencing. She never knows when one will hit and it has really impacted her life. Okay, now fast forward to a few weeks ago, "sister" is having these attacks and now "brother-in-law" is having trouble taking care of himself, not acting right...doctors say he has had a stroke. Several days later, they confirm a brain tumor. He endured a surgery today that the doctors were reluctant to perform, and though most of the dangerous matter was removed, radiation and chemotherapy are in his immediate future. Their illnesses will change life dramatically given their calling. The whole family is in need of intercession, please pray for each of them ,their children and grandchildren, my aunt and uncle and their children, the church and the congregation. Personally, I'd like to see a miracle here!

To catch up a little, Emily had her Christmas pageant last Friday night, which was a lot of fun. She loved it and has been humming "Oh Come all Ye Faithful" and "Go Tell it On the Mountain" for a week:)

Hannah has been struck by whatever bug Emily is still struggling with and we are living in neb-land. When Hannah came home to us, she sounded like a growly bear when she breathed and she now has that lovely sound back, BUT she is HERE this Christmas, so we are thankful. On a cute note, Hannah looooves her yogurt...she dropped her spoon at lunch the other day, so I reach into the drawer for another and when I turn around to hand it to her...

She has it all under control!

Updates: Some have asked about our friend, Sam. Sam is doing well. His attitude is unmatched. He has great difficulty on treatment weeks, but seems to be plugging along. The prayers are welcome, helpful and comforting.

Emily's teacher's husband is home! He has a lot of therapy ahead of him, but the doctors are hoping for him to be 100% by February. Yippee - they say it could have been so much worse with how severe his stroke was. We are grateful for her good news.

Our dear friends Gerry and Jim became grandparents on Wednesday evening, Jameson Foster weighed in at 8 lbs. 2 oz. and is (as his grandmother says) gorgeous!(Pictures will follow!) *Many of you will remember, Jim accompanied dear ol' dad to China to bring home little Hannah.* Jim now says Hannah has a lovely boy to marry:) Congratulations Jamie and Christie! Congratulations Jim and Gerry - we are so happy!!


Amy said...

Olivia's been starting to eat yogurt & loves it too! We've been lucky to have a kid who will eat just about anything...she'll even chew on celery!

mommy24treasures said...

I am sorry for all the sadness you have recieded as well. I will pray for all of these situations. Thank God we do serve a miracle working God. He is well able to deliver vicrtory in all of these situations.

Hannah is an absolute angel. Merry Christmas.

Jake and Taryn said...

I am so sorry for all of the sadness, but I will certainly be praying for your family. Just have faith and trust in the Lord. I am so thankful that your two precious girls are healthy! Have a Merry Christmas...I love the story about Emily singing those songs for a week...that sounds like something I would have done when I was little!

Leslie said...

I will say special prayers for these situations. I hope that you all have a very special holiday with little Hannah and Emily. Merry Christmas to you all!

Kimber said...

I will pray for them all. So sorry for all of these sad happenings.



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