Friday, June 3, 2011

Sakes alive...she is FIVE!

Happy Birthday Hannah Leigh.

Hannah had a great year at school this year. She had the same teacher that Emily had when she was four. This was so comforting to me. She is a lovely lady. Her heart is most definitely poised to honor each and every child in her classroom.

When it came time for Hannah's conference earlier this year, I was excited to hear about how she was doing. Her teacher smiled and informed me how wonderfully Hannah was doing, she was a good friend, very sweet, sings a lot, participates and has all of her developmental goals in place. But she added admittedly that at the beginning, she found Hannah "hard to read". Hannah can be quiet, contemplative and even aloof. If you don't know her, chances are you don't see how captivating she can be.

Mrs. H offered, "When I stopped expecting her to be something she is not, that is when we got to know each other." I feel like there was an enormous amount of wisdom in her statement. I am thankful she didn't keep hoping for Hannah to be something different than she is. Hannah is a little girl who takes her time to trust...but once she does, she does it with her whole heart. Hannah is a great sport. She takes disappointment with grace and dignity. She will sit through hours of her sister's activities without complaining or whining. She is honest...sometimes too honest ;) She has an amazing laugh and will try just about anything...I love her spirit of adventure! Hannah LOVES to shop! And she is an unbelievable prayer warrior...not a day goes by that I am not humbled by this precious child.

Hannah, we love you sweetheart, every beautiful part of you. You have always been a beautiful flower...blooming, blossoming, growing...ever changing to allow the sunshine in and to allow your roots to grow. We grow because of you.

Hannah with her sweet friend, Emma and her brother, Matthew and with Nan and Em

As she graduated from preschool last week, I kept wondering how she ever got so big. She chose her own outfit for the day. She selected special earrings and a special necklace. I watched as she carried herself with grace, walking to the front of the room to receive her diploma. Her teacher held her hands and said beautiful things about our little girl. Afterwards, some of her teachers tearily waved goodbye, remembering the "wait" and calling after us that she couldn't possibly be that old already. But, she is. And it is in those moments, those big, milestone moments, that I am overwhelmed by the reality of Hannah. I am thankful to one very special woman, who graciously afforded us the blessing of seeing Hannah grow into the girl God wants her to be. I look forward to all of these miraculous moments with joy and anticipation...happy fifth birthday Hannah! You are Mommy's sweet little ladybug and I adore you!


Kuenzang Thinley said...

your article touched me deeply.

Gail said...

Happy 5th to your beautiful girl!!!
The time flies by doesn't it?
It sounds like she had an amazing year.

Teresa said...

Absoultey beautiful!!! Happy 5th birthday Hannah:)

Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

awwwwww....beautiful words and lovely pictures!!! We love you Hannah!!! You are a joy. Aunt Sharon loves you! And our whole family does too! You are special!

Thankful God gave you a great teacher.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite little ladybugs:) You are precious in His sight sweet Hannah, hope you had a very special day:)

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! I'm with mom that I can't believe you are five!

And mom, I love that she is brutally honest. That's why I love my Hanny Banany!

redmaryjanes said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Beautiful Hannah!

Michelle R Photography said...

What a beautiful post for your Hannah... about your Hannah. She sounds like such an amazing girl - your husband has been blessed with three amazing girls!!!

Happy 5th birthday, Hannah!! You all grow up so quickly!!



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