Thursday, February 28, 2008

There was a little girl who had a little curl...

right in the middle of her forehead :)

And then there was her sister!

Both girls were looking a bit shaggy as of late. The past few times we have gotten haircuts, Hannah has been "on edge", not quite sure she trusted the whole process. I kept the mamarazzi to a minumum during those trips; no need to upset her or make it feel stranger than it already felt.

This time, Hannah hopped across the salon, went right over the the chair and made no bones about getting her hair cut (she does still sit on my lap). I think Emily was more proud of her than I was. Emily made a huge point of showing her where your hair gets washed and how easy it was to get your cape wrapped. Hannah wanted to have a cape (with all of her climbing and acrobatics, apparently, she is channelling SuperBaby!). Our stylist had trouble cutting the back because Hannah would not look down, she kept her eyes fully focused on the mirrors and kept saying "Puuuhby" (pretty)

The other big hit was the dryers. Hannah kept insisting "Hat on Hannah" when she was finished with her trim, even though her hair had already dried. The girls in the salon really love the little ones and fawn all over them, grabbing lollypops and making their little princesses feel special. So, it was no surprise when they all scurried to lift Hannah onto one of the dryer chairs and make sure the air was cool.

Big hugs and thank yous rounded out a great visit to the hairdresser. Good job, ladies!

All ready

Finished product


Kelley said...

Those pictures are just darling!!!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

It's all about the lollipop.

Great pictures. Great new hairdos. I love how Em protects and comforts Hannah and takes her under her wing. That's such a cool aspect of being a big sister.

My mom used to read me the nursery rhyme you started your post with and it brought back memories seeing it again.

Love you for a 1000 or more reasons,

mommy24treasures said...

Very pretty! So glad Hannah was a bit more relaxed this time.
I love those red curls. :)

Anonymous said...


I see you and your little beauties have been busy over here! I have missed so much in a short time and just caught up. I love the favorite things list. What a great idea and it will be a fun reminder to them of being little.

I also love the haircuts. So cute! Yes, the city still scares me, but I have to hang onto the beauty of it or how would I breathe with my daughter in its midst?! :)

Denise C said...

Your girls are so precious! Love the new hair-dos! They both look stunning!

Lori said...

They're both just gorgeous~ I'm sure it helped little Miss Hannah to see Emily so excited and so confident in the whole process~ the lollipops always help too! :)


cute cute cute ... we are due to trim Emily's hair also ... She has the slowest growing hair I have ever seen ... she just loved her first cute at Sweet/Sassy Salon ... she is a diva for sure ... hee hee ... have a great weekend ..

Danielle said...

These photos are adorable.

Can I tell you how big the smile on my face was when I saw them Em was holding the moose I sent her??? Made my day!



Linette said...

Great haircuts for two adorable little girls. :) It just wouldn't be a haircut without the lollipop. My Hannah always has to have a balloon too. ;)

Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures! I just posted haircut pictures too!

Leslie said...

I love that rhyme by the way, my grandma used to say that!
What a fun day at the salon. I should have joined you, I haven't been there since oh, let's think...October!!!! The girls look so fresh with their new hair cuts! Ready for spring!

prechrswife said...

Beautiful! Hannah has so much hair. Mary Joyce's is just now starting to get some length to it.

Dawn said...

OOH the girls look darling!!


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