Thursday, August 9, 2007

Babydolls, Babysitters and Miss Hannah Leigh


"Dink Bobble"

Cause "bobble" is going in sissy's ear!

She's a nurturer, this one! But, make no mistake, when she is finished caring for baby, it is alarming the dexterity Hannah exhibits to toss Baby clear across a room, proclaiming, "ALL DONE!"

Our little girlfriend is on the move...running (oh, we have left walking in the dust) yes, running to our next conquest. Hair flying in the wind, complete with maniacal laugh and the falls that only Pampers can cushion. Here in "the gated community", we have to watch our step these days as Hannah explores and causes her own brand of mischief. Her favorites are closing doors and holding them shut and trying on everyone's shoes (what is it about girls and shoes???) She has begun to get shoes, hand them to us and balance to lift one foot then the other. She is extremely annoyed when she selects a doll shoe, which of course will not fit those pretty little toes. At this point she takes matters into her own hands, plopping down and grunting as though the harder she works the more likely she will actually get that shoe on her foot!

Hannah is also partial to Emily's clothes and (shame on me for not having a camera on hand everytime she has done it) takes off wearing her shirt or unmentionables on her head. Emily laughed so hard the first time, she couldn't breathe. We both laughed - the kind of laugh we all wish we could bottle - the one we heard in our dreams during the long and seemingly endless wait.

This week, I returned to work. I do not work much, enough to help us, not enough to be away much. Being a mom, it is hard no matter how we do it. Fortunately, I have a wonderful mother, who is fabulous with our children and offers herself for the times I cannot be home. (I will never be able to thank you enough, Mom) Buuut, this also makes her "the babysitter". Emily loves the one-on-one time and has always enjoyed those times when Mommy goes to work. For Hannah, this is a new experience and we have practiced. The tears last only seconds (just til I leave the room) but they are still tears - cried by my little one, who has probably cried more in her little life than I would ever want to know about. Hannah always gives my mom, "the look" (many of you have probably seen it!) Today, we had a milestone though...when I returned from work and my mother was leaving, she hugged Em and gave out kisses and then Hannah ran from me to my mom and hugged and kissed her and then did it again! I was overjoyed and Nan? She just beamed!

So, yes, in honor of Thankful Thursday, for this I am truly grateful!


Jewels of My Heart said...

What a sweet post... you paint a picture of your little darling. I am so glad she is adjusting to you being away sometimes. I can't imagine how hard it must be.

Nesting For Natalie said...


I love the laughter we wish we could bottle...What a great way to put it! It seems like only family and close friends make me laugh like that. Delicious :).

The part about Hannah crying more than you would ever want to know... OOOhhhh! That got me! I think of that when my Jane crys really sad tears. My heart can not bare it!


Danielle said...

How sweet. I'm sure that made your mom's year.

Angie said...

What a great post! I can almost hear the laughter and see her trying so desperately to put doll shoes on her piggies!
I know your mom was thrilled with her hugs and kisses from Hannah...what a special memory for her.

Jen, Dave and Leah said...

How Cute! Gotta love girls and shoes :)
I cannot wait to live in the "gated community" again!
Love the pictures and throwing baby clear across the room is a riot!

Jewels of My Heart said...

They are so darling... melts your heart.

Lori said...

Yea for Nan's hugs and kisses...that says a lot! :)
Thanks for your comment today, I needed those more than you know. ;)

Anonymous said...

I want a reborn mom one day


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